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Forums - Sony Discussion - Ghost of Tsushima - Review Thread (MC: 83 / OC: 85)

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I honestly think it can be a 90+ rated game.
The detail and polish looks higher than typical 80's rated games to me.

We've seen gameplay, and it looks pretty damn good, so I dont expect that to get in the way.
I expect it to review well, atleasat in the high 80's if not above 90's.

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Reviewers don't really like Sucker Punch. Infamous Second Son got 80 and Infamous 2 got 83. Sony probably won't be lucky enough to come out with yet another hit in such a short time.

I will go with 79.

I'll go 85. Sucker punch tend to make consistently decent games but never really go much above that and nothing I've seen from this game so far has blown me away

I don't care about metacritic
the game will be mine

Im just really biased, the dev team obviously took a huge risk by making a big budgetted open world samurai game. Even if the gameplay/story doesn't exceed new heigts, the graphics alone is already worth the attention for me.


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It's a relatively new setting for open world games and looks more polished than Infamous which I love but was underrated. I say it outperforms those and gets an 88 meta!

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Hmmmm. I'm torn. On its own I wanna say 92-93, but comparing it to another open world new IP by a sony company trying a new genre - Horizon Zero Dawn - I'll say it'll be just a step below so I'm going with 87.

I loved inFamous and everything about this game looks great. I love Sucker Punch but I always thought they came across as a scrapped, mid-level developer compared to bigger companies like Naughty dog, Guerrilla, and Insomniac. Then again, I never saw Insomniac as a AAA developer until Spider-Man (Which is weird becuase Ratchet and Clank are some of my all-time favourite games and Spyro holds a place in my heart. Point is, they were always A or AA based on game size and budget, a middle-tier dev team with smaller-scaled but tones of fun games).

So yeah this generation we've now had three sony companies known for one genre and franchise branch out into new genres and new IPs (or at least new IPs for them). Guerrilla Games with Horizon after doing Killzone, Insomniac with Spider-Man after doing Ratchet & Clank, and now Sucker Punch with Ghost of Tsushima after doing inFamous. Also, Sony Bend with Days Gone, but that wasn't as much of a success. Not bad, but not great.

Man, Sony really is knocking it outta the park this generation. New IPs, great games, lots of variety. Can't wait for PS5! This looks like a hell of a swan song.

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Gonna go with 88.

I think it will both review and sell about the same as Horizon Zero Dawn, both being what look to be new quality open world IPs.

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Pre-ordered it so i hope i'm wrong but I think it will get a 78.