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How many units will the Atari VCS sell?

Less than 1 Million 19 52.78%
1-10M 13 36.11%
11-25M 1 2.78%
25-45M 1 2.78%
45M-70M 0 0.00%
70-90M 0 0.00%
90-110M 0 0.00%
110-130M 0 0.00%
130-155M 0 0.00%
155M+ 2 5.56%

I will be very surprised if it sells more than 1M. Not sure if its official, but its rumored at least to be 400 dollars. Which is just silly.

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Their Indiegogo campaign lists 11,597 backers.  So, my guess is less than 12,000.

Wman1996 said:
Less than a million. The price is far too steep for the specs. There doesn't seem to be much appeal at all in the software library either. It would be lucky to hit 500k lifetime sales.

That's because it doesn't have a software library.  It literally has no exclusive games.  Even the Coleco Chameleon had some developer contacts on board (Piko Interactive, Collectorvision) ready to make games for it if it had actually turned out to be a real console.