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padib said:

@vivster, that was one of the best TED talks. Honestly though I was also surprised at how easy it was to change my diet the few times I did it. It's also surprising how similar your build seems to be to mummelman. I want to encourage you in your objectives because I have a similar thing with my abs and I finally see that it's possible with my new plan.

@Mummelmann. My approach to goals was always to use them as a springboard to increase my fitness, and I never let them discourage me, because then they work against me and I need them to work for me. I know that my mind works like almost everyone else, that it will tell me when I failed my goal, but I talk to it and tell it that the goals are there to help me, so I ignore that voice and listen to a new one that say "let's try again" or "let's change the goal!", because in the end I don't really want to reach my goals. In the end, I just want to get more in shape, and I use goals to help me do that. :) For example, in my card you'll see that I didn't achieve my running goal. That's okay because I also just added an abs workout goal, and I set it high for now (which I rarely do), but I'm ready to lower the frequency or intensity at any time. Because I really need the goals to propel me, and not hold me down. If you set a small goal, you never know it might help you build a good habit as you reach it. ;)

@Farsala, would you be able to obtain a scale to weight yourself, and do you have an approach to food? I did some pole-training in the past, it's very difficult. Do you use a high pole with a heavy base, or more of a pole between the floor and the ceiling?

No scale, probably too bulky for my room.

I eat lunch at work, which can be variable nutrition. I then go home and have a fairly balanced carb, protein, fats meal for dinner. It is barely enough for me to gain weight, so I think if I add a bit more strength training the weight gain will be just muscle. Even if it does make me lose weight, my abs will come back instead.

The pole is like 15-20ft high. It is very sturdy and there are many poles next to it, so if I was weak enough I could use 2 of them. But I am fine with just one.

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I need to gain weight. I've been 55 Kg for the last 10 years. It went up to 57 Kg when I was going to the gym but now I'm back to 55 :/


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Well, I started to do exercise once again after the last 3 months of quarantine.
While is not as great as a gym, we could still be creative using even furniture to train.
I'm still going to wait a lo more before going to a gym, so better keep doing home routines.

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MoHasanie said:
I need to gain weight. I've been 55 Kg for the last 10 years. It went up to 57 Kg when I was going to the gym but now I'm back to 55 :/

It is healthy to have some fatreserves on top of the gained muscles or your body will fastly turn on cannibalizing the gained muscles if you do not take in the needed nutrients.

@Immersiveunreality & @MoHasanie: exactly, in order to maintain muscle, you need to make sure you are not cannibalizing it. It is important to use protein and creatine (in moderation) to maintain muscle mass.

Progress on Abs goal

Today is day 3 of my abs objective. I have done 2 days of the daily ab program and am already seeing progress. On day 1, I wasn't able to do more than 10 minutes of each exercise, while today I was able to do all 45 seconds, except for the Ins and Outs at the end (very tough). 

My weight right now is 197lbs.

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Farsala said:
Ever since I moved cities, I have been unable to go to the gym due to coronavirus. If I did go, I would have to exercise with a mask on and die of heat stroke/ destroy a mask every time. I don't have any equipment, but I do have a bike. I bike to work every time, unless it is raining too hard, then I just walk. I haven't been able to weigh myself but at the end of my gym experience I was actually on an annoyingly downward trend of weight loss. I went from 90kg to 70kg. Lately I have been able to eat more and I feel like I have a good amount of weight gained, but I lost a lot of muscle.

At my job, I do get some small opportunities for a bit of exercise. I have taken that opportunity to do my favorite exercise: the Pull-up. Before I could do 20 consecutive quite easily, and I was surprised that I could still do 10 after 3 months of doing 0. In addition there are these poles that I like to climb like a rope. Currently I can climb up the pole using my legs, but I want to get strong enough to only need my arms. So that's the goal!

So I already met my goal, much faster than anticipated. I can climb the pole without use of my legs to brace myself. At the top I attempted the human flag, but it was imperfect. So now I want to do a good human flag.

Well, I'm working on getting fully mobile again following surgery on my leg; it's been two months since I started walking again, and I've worked my way up to a 30-minute walk yesterday, which is my record so far.

My next goal is to walk to a local park and back which would be a 40 minute walk approximately.

Eventually, I want to be able to run again, though that goal is a long way off at present.

I also lost a lot of general fitness in the six weeks I was stuck in bed, so doing pushups and such to rebuild my strength and stamina.

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