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vivster said:
I completely fucked the pins on a 200€ ITX mainboard. Immediately bought the exact board again and threw the other in the trash to destroy the evidence.

That remind me of another mistake I made that I tried to block from my memory.  Not bent pins but I once forgot to apply the washers when installing the heatsink on the CPU.  Worked fine for a few years then a friend gave me a cpu that was an very minor upgrade from the one inside but it was free so why not and I went to remove the heat sink.  The skews had gone through the motherboards holes.  Nothing I did could get those damm things out.  I ended up getting so frustrated that I align a small skew driver under them and then banged it with a hammer and kept banging harder and harder till I finally did get them out.  That motherboard never worked again.  That free upgraded on a old computer ended up costing me over $100 for the replacement motherboard.  

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In the early days of learning to build PCs I had trouble figuring out how the liquid cooler was meant to go when I first decided to use them and actually fit it where the back fan would be instead of on the top of the case which had the grill for such coolers to be fitted. I used to go overkill on the PSUs as well meaning more money was spent than should have been.

My second PC was the first I built personally. After assembling it, I turn it on, a green LED on the mobo lights up, all the fans and the HDDs start turning for a second or two, then everything turns off. I try both reset and power button, nothing happens, I turn off and on again the PSU, again everything turns on a few seconds, then off again, after a few tries, I give up andtake the PC to a store's technicians. A few tens euros and they give it back to me perfectly working: I hadn't connected the case front panel to the mobo.

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