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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4 Discs Arrive in the Mail Loose.


Do your PS4 games ever arrive loose in the case?

Yes, all the time! 5 26.32%
No, never! 5 26.32%
Every once in a while. 8 42.11%
More often than not. 0 0%
About 50/50. 1 5.26%

I've received off the spool, but never had any scratches or other damage from it. You would have to be really unlucky / buggy install for it to not detect the problem on the disc and fail to abort the install properly.

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Never had this issue fortunately.

Had this from time to time and its a non issue. Blurays are pretty resilient I've never seen any disc take damage from this. Its annoying but I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Never had a loose disc issue, though I once ordered a copy of Nier Automata from Best Buy and the case was cracked in half lmao (the game itself was somehow unscathed).

Yea this seems to always happen with PS4 games for me too, even retail copies.

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Thats due to the truck bouncing around causing major items to move. Doesn't take much for the disk to unhinge itself from the case.

I think it happened to me once, with RE7. Luckily the disc was not damaged at all, but it was annoying a bit. But still, for the last 2 years I went completely digital on all fronts, except the handfull of games I got as gifts.

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When I worked for EB, we received games in boxes of 24 or 30 depending on the publishers. Generally, a fourth of the copies had the disc loose every time. Always on PS4, rarely on Xbox and Wii U.

Cerebralbore101 said:

Does anybody else order a game online, and occasionally get a loose disk in the mail? I mean, the disc is bouncing around inside the case before you even take the shrink wrap off. This damages the game a lot of times, and causes it to not play correctly.

I'm pretty peeved right now, because instead of playing TLoU2, I have to go all the way back to BestBuy to swap my copy out for one that isn't jostling around in the case.


I never got a problem to play them because of it, tho.

But my Demon's Souls copy came even with the case broken by the transport.

They need to work fast so they throw the packages and this happens.

It has happened but it never visibly caused any damage to my game at least.