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Forums - Gaming Discussion - E3 2019 build of Gods & Monsters leaks; looks awfully familiar...

Compared to G&M, Windbound looks like the better Zelda clone:

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I mean, I ain't even mad, but just... wow. They're certainly not being coy! I might even get it if it turns out to actually play well.

sc94597 said:
I don't mind obvious clones if they are good. Combat looked pretty clunky from those videos though, but maybe the animation work isn't finished

Well, it is from a dev build so it's safe to assume it's a fair ways off from finished.

Leynos said:
The initial trailer made it obvious it was taking from BOTW so this is nothing new.

Yeah but I didn't think it would be this blatant haha

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Looks like a poor man's BOTW but who knows. Better to steal something good than to make something bad.

Breath of the Wild is my favourite game of all time so I don't mind other games "copying". Judging by the clip this game still needs a ton of work though.

Thats some horrible graphics.... looks like a cheap free to play game.
The animations are stiff, theres clipping (models running into and past other models), the combat looks "off" ect (player has a hard time, even landing a blow due to animations and controlls).

Looks like a solid 5-6 outta 10 attempt.

If this is them trying to make a zelda BoTW clone, they failed hard.

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I'm actually kind of surprised we haven't seen that many BOTW clones yet. Usually when a game is that successful the clones come out the woodwork. It happened with Mario, earlier Zeldas, GTA, COD, Elder Scrolls. Then again, I don't think there have been any Witcher 3 clones. Maybe it's just harder for them to do with BOTW and Witcher.

Copying the art and basic combat is one thing. What made BOTW truly stand out was its physics that redefined what 'you can do anything' meant and the literal ability to go anywhere and climb anything except for very specific surfaces like the walls of shrines. No game that copies BOTW can possibly measure up without those factors.

Apparently it leaked on Stadia of all places; it showed up as playable there for all of 30 minutes before being taken down.
Guess someone at Ubisoft clicked the wrong button.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

I don't mind. It looks like BOTW without the care and love of Nintendo.

Wait, they really copied BoTW ?! Imma gonna look ...

Edit : 

That's a crazy similar art style there but on another note, the video shows obviously an alpha build of the game ... or at least I hope so cuz the number of technical bugs is pretty high,lol.

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Looks like a fan game made in Dreams...

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