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Do you like the PS5 console design?

Yes 132 55.23%
No 80 33.47%
On the fence 27 11.30%

When you look at it this way, it's a really ugly design.

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA

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One more comparison, if you just let gravity have its way

So about 9.9 cm high on the left, compared to 5.5 cm height of the ps4 pro.

Ps4 pro looks so small lol.

SvennoJ said:

Definitely the biggest console ever

While I don't love the size, I will say if this was a contest of skyscrapers it would be the standout in the city skyline.


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The PS5 has only two usb ports in front and both are different kinds.
Maybe the PS5 won't be able to use two DualSenses from the box?
Seems like one may be for DualSense and the other for DS4/media.

I'm 50/50 on it.

I really like the design of the digital only version. Symmetry is incredibly important when you're trying to be futuristic in your design, especially with the lights and the curves. The Xbox 360 and 360 Slim were pretty much perfect versions of that. PS5D looks pretty damn great when it's stood up, like an evolution of that great Xbox 360 design.

The disc-based version looks like the ugly stepchild. The awkward, ugly bump for the BD. The fact that it needs a stand to be left horizontal speaks volumes. I'm not the biggest fan of white consoles and a black version would have been much appreciated, mainly to fit in with the last 3 PlayStation consoles and other electronics around my TV.

... And it's fucking gigantic.

Meh. I'll probably pick up the digital only version, if they release one in black, but I'm in no rush at all to jump on board this time.


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It is awesome! it looks like an space ship!! :)

So Switch and Xbox has more USB ports than Sony again? Wii U had more USB ports than PS4. There used to be a time Sony loved adding USB ports. Now when we need more they have less. Why?

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

I really hope they add at least one USB at the back. Since a lot of us are gonna need it for an external HDD, for storing PS4 games. I don't really want ugly wires hanging from the front of the console.

The standard edition is really bizarre design compare to the digital edition which i think it looks quite balanced built case imo.

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I saw these over on Era and tt looks so much better without that stupid bump and side-stand.