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Forums - Sales Discussion - Predict PS5 launch Price in EU/Dollars.

victor83fernandes said:
Shiken said:

Physical: $499

Digital: $399

you must be dreaming if you believe the ps5 will be 399, that ssd alone is worth at least 150 dollars.

retail price you pay is a lot higher than the bulk order for sony.

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zumnupy10 said:
trunkswd said:
$499. Anything above that for the PS5 (or Xbox Series) will lead to slow start to the next generation. Sure the hardcore fans will still buy it at launch, but sales will drop like rock once we get past the first holiday.

Even $499 is a bit high, considering the economical moment the world is living. 

I wonder if Sony and MS are willing to take losses to have launch prices lower. 

Don't know if you realize 499 is cheaper than what the xbox X launched at just a few years ago. in 2020, 499dollars is not much at all. They do not need to cut price because they wont be able to have enough stock anyway.

499€ PS5 Standart / 449€ PS5 All Digital

Sony will push the digital version.
The price difference will be at least 100$.
More digital user = higher profits in the future.

Digital = 450$
Standard = 600$

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£450 Digital will have 2TB
£500 Disc version will have 1 TB

Hmm, pie.

499€ for the normal model; 449€ for the all digital model. Though I could also see Sony subsidizing the all digital model on purpose since they get higher margins from games that way, dropping its price to 399€ instead

Standard: $550
All-Digital: $400

Having a $100 difference between the 2 models will make the digital PS5 look better in the market which will be better for Sony. A $50 difference does not have that big difference. Sort of like how Phones these days have the stadard model and the Plus model.

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