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Forums - Sony Discussion - Was Jak II the biggest example of "Corporate edge"?

Its not too late for a reboot ;)

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While the narrative Jak2 was always awkward, it's an excellent game.
Actually I think it's one of the best games SCE has ever released.
It was a feature rich game, with lots of quality content and variety.
It was a platformer, a 3rd person shooter, a sandbox adventure, it had driving sections, skating, plus minigames. All done with proper care.
Technically it was super ambitious for a Ps2 game, with a very detailed open world (compared to what was avaliable at the time), great environmental and character designs plus excellent animations.
Narrative was really the only piece that didn't fit properly...and difficulty felt sometimes unbalaced and frustrating (but it's more or less like any other ND game I would say).

I don't think it was Sony but rather a choice from Naughty Dog. JaK 1 did very well. There was no reason to put pressure on Naughty Dog for edge driven sales. Uncharted 2 and 3 also did extremely well yet ND chose to go for a much darker and grittier game with The Last of Us. I'm sure Sony would have been all for an Uncharted 4 on PS3 instead taking additional risk with a much different and darker new IP from the same developer.

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SvennoJ said:
I don't remember Jak II for being edgy, I remember it for the annoying over world (driving) and the big jump in difficulty. I abandoned the series on ps2 and didn't complete them until the ps3 remaster. 2 and 3 are still good games, just not as good as the first one. Ratchet & Clank only kept getting better and better leaving Jak & Daxter in the dust.

The edge generation wasn't all that edgy, still way better than the brown is realism generation, hence I spend a lot of time playing remasters on the ps3. Sly Cooper was a good trilogy as well which I had missed on ps2.

Games going more 'mature' and violent has been going on from the start. Look at how many war games there are on C64 then Mortal combat, Carmageddon, Wolfenstein, Doom, Postal, Manhunt, Silent hill, Splatterhouse series, MDK. Naughty Dog didn't want to make cute platformers, they were more interested in guns and cars which finally resulted in Jak X combat racing (never played it) I don't think marketing had anything to do with it.

What I would like to know is, who came up with the toe cringing dude bro festival stuff which is still so very annoying in Forza Horizon and Dirt series. Is that a push by marketing? Do game developers actually like that stuff? I did enjoy DJ Atomika before the festival crap took over. I miss that era, EA Sports, it's in the game. Still don't know what that's supposed to mean lol. I miss the days when SSX was good.

I really enjoyed the trilogies remasters on PS3 I probably had like 10 of those, a lot of plats made.

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Jak II was the first game from the series i played. I did like it when i played it initially, but after i played the precursor legacy and jak 3 It ended up being the weakest entry in the series to me. They tried too hard to make it like gta.

The parts i enjoyed the most were the ones that took place outside the city because it felt more like a platformer in those sections, and it reminded me more of the first game. The city area was poorly designed in my opinion and the missions felt like chores. I would've much prefered if they stuck to the platformer styled levels.

Personally I didn't really mind the "edge" stuff. In my opinion it was the gameplay that dragged the game down.

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