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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony might be useing 3D stacked chips to be more power effecient, have better cooling.



yes, 3D stacked chips arn... 7 50.00%
nah, I'm liveing in the f... 7 50.00%
Pemalite said:
Immersiveunreality said:

I'm sure there is but maybe the innovation can lie within a more efficient way to implement it,but we are discussing ghosts at the moment so it might be just best to see what they bring.

That is my entire argument though. It's a patent, we don't know if it's actually part of a real product or if it's even effective and thus we should take a "wait and see approach".

It is a personal preference,if people like to discuss then theres no harm in it,would cancel out 50 percent of activity on this site if none never speculated about anything. :p

I'm hard to get hyped about things i have no clear picture of yet,the older i get the less premature excitement but i'm feeling a bit jealous about people that do not need so much to get in that mood.