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Forums - Website Topics - VGChartz Patch Notes - v4.5.2

Quite a few minor updates recently, paving the way for a major site upgrade that some of the staff have been bug testing, although that upgrade will have to form part of a future patch notes thread (the work can't be completed until some of the lockdown restrictions lift because it requires a trip to the data centre).

All of the following were done by @TalonMan 

4.5.2 Patch Notes:

  • Added Meta Descriptions to site links.
  • Added relevant images to link embeds from VGC (linking to a VGC news article in Discord will, for example, cause the article's condensed banner image to display).
  • Logging-in no longer redirects you to the front page. Same for clearing your Notifications.
  • Added User Reviews & Latest Charts options to Article search pages here.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the writing staff from using their Media Library tool for articles. Also updated the writing staff's editor.
  • Added a new feature: Notifications for game 'Tracking' - both for Forum Threads & Articles. When a thread or article is made that Tags a game you're actively Following you'll receive a notification. For Forum Threads you can tag games by adding them on the New Thread page, or they will tag automatically if you click New Thread from the Forum tab of the game page. More info on this (with images) can be found here.
    • Edit TalonMan: You can disable the Game Tracking notifications from the User Preferences page in your Settings.
  • Added article descriptor ribbons to front page 'Latest Stories' section.
  • Reviews showing up in the front page 'Top 5' boxes now display as Reviews (previously there was no indicator that they were reviews - just the game name and platform. Now it specifies they're reviews).
  • Vita officially removed from the weekly 'Hardware Chart' box on the front page. That box has also been cleaned up, with unnecessary explanatory text being removed.
Last edited by TalonMan - on 25 April 2020

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Talon has been really busy updating the site, adding features, fixing bugs, and a whole lot more. The drop down in the headers are also getting updated in the near future. The "Charts" drop down will be getting the biggest update as we move the old software sales to "Legacy".

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I noticed the logging-in/redirect change a few days ago. Was never an issue for me, but appreciate the upgrade all the same.

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Appreciate the speed fellas. When there’s time, I have a tiny list of things I’d like you guys to check out. Only when there’s time, though. :P


Machina said:

 (the work can't be completed until some of the lockdown restrictions lift because it requires a trip to the data centre).

  • Logging-in no longer redirects you to the front page.  Same for clearing your Notifications.

 I noticed the notification clearing change recently.  I meant to ask is that was a new feature.  I like it.

Also, migrate to my data center.  We have free remote hands during the pandemic (everything under 5 minutes is free anyway) and we still allow client access.

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Thank you for the updates and for the hard work.

Excellent Work Talon


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Thanks for the updates! This site never stops improving
I don't know if this is the right place to do it, but can I report a bug in the Tools section? It seems Switch sales don't show up even though its graph is visible

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