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Out of f**** nowhere

Super Mario Maker 2 – World Maker Update

Lots of new Powerups, Enemies and Features for Super Mario Maker 2 coming tomorrow!

You can make your own world now.
Become SMB2 Mario and throw things
Lots of new hats
So much stuff.

Last edited by Marth - on 21 April 2020

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You can basically create an entire Mario game now. Insane!

Yup, that's a pretty nice update.

This is great. Absolutely brilliant. It’s pretty much everything that was still missing. The World Builder mode was exactly what I wanted since Mario Maker 1. I’m surprised the World Builder isn’t paid DLC actually. In fact I’m surprised there hasn’t been DLC at all! They say this is the final ‘major’ update though, maybe they’ll start now. I doubt there’ll be nothing anymore from here on out.

That's a beefy update :). 

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Really great update!

Lol, saw this video this morning. They totally dropped a huge update like it was nothing. Seriously, this could have been E3 reveal type of thing, and they just release it like it's nothing.

this one is an amazing gift from Ninty. great update! I might have to pick this one up now (again)


Absolutely amazing. This is exactly what I was looking for since the first Mario Maker released: being able to create your very own 2D Mario "games".

I'm definetely going to spend quite some time with the game now ^^