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Forums - General Discussion - What are your favorite colors?

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Just for fun and discussion. What are your favorite colors? Mine are Purple and Light Blue.

You can name as much as you like. I won't make a poll because it would be hard to list all possible colors.

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Blue > Purple > Green

Blue and (although it is not a color) black.

Purple, I guess. But every color can be pretty when used with good sense, even brown.

The color I find myself disliking the use of most often is yellow. But when used right it's amazing.

I like warm colors, I love the light at sunset :

Also love looking at green leaves under the sun : 

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Orange, blue, and green.


Green > Black > Blue = Orange.

Various shades of blue. Purple and Neon Green.

They all go together well.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Dark Blue and Purple.