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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Final Fantasy 7 Discussion - Staggering bosses! ( Boss fights are great spectacle but ugh)

Hynad said:
Xxain said:
Hell House is another thumbs down. Feels very much like a gimmicky Kingdom Hearts Boss fight, but unlike Kingdom Hearts, spells are not tied to character. This means If you go in without the needed Materia, that fight will go on forever! It then continues the trend of making some of the party worthless by being out of distance or having shields up that reduce their damage to practically nothing. In the future I hope to see bosses designed in a way that multiple strategies can stagger them; Heresexample: Hell House has a charge skill, that if it misses, he charges into a wall and is stunned, how any attacks during this time greatly increases stagger gauge? I just feelin bosses in this ; feels like spectacle >>> game.

That's the same with any battle system that has enemies with weaknesses. If you don't know their weakness, or don't have what it takes to exploit it, then it will take longer to dispose of it.

And you should always make sure you have at least one of each elements materia slotted. Basic Materia 101.

This rant of yours seems like a nitpick more than an actual negative from the game itself. Or maybe you don't like when you don't breeze through the game unchallenged...

I have no complaints about the challenge of the bosses, but the length of the bosses. They already take long even with the desired Matera, but without it's even longer. We have user in here that stated he was fighting Hell House for like 45 minutes; I bet you its because he did'nt have all the right Materia. 

On to bold: The Materia system has always been about customization. Setting up characters you your liking. Not having an enemies weakness in the original or any RPG for that matter, does not triple the fight length. The Stagger system, while I like it, goes against that customizability and it feels punishing for having the right spells equipped. I tend not have my Cloud focus on magic (purple on yellow 90%) and with the limited slots and increase of new and effective Materia its not the best to always have slots filled by magic that might be needed.

Staggers limits the approaches to effectively beating an enemy when it should be the opposite.

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WalMarket has been the highlight thus of Remake for me. A lot of effort and passion went into this scenario. By the time Aerith FINALLY got her dress on I was ready to move on from Chapter. And then honeybee happended; and the entire wait was waaaay more than just worth it. I looove that the tutorial before the "big one" made it out to be Cloud is so incompetent that that is what he thinks it is... and then we get the real think. It was Awkward, but ooooh sooo captivating. Then he continues for a round two. Cloud is a fuckin champ. The Remake has taken a Ionic moment as has outdone itself. The originals moment is nothing compared the Remake.