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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Witcher 3 sales update as of the end of 2019, roughly 28m with rough platform breakdown

As you can see, Witcher 3 got a big sales boost in 2019 making it the 2nd strongest year for the game since it released, largely thanks to the release of the Netflix show at the end of the year and the Switch release. 

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Very strong sales, and 700k probably paid the port for Switch, still that is very small seeming that even several years after release on all other platforms and already being kinda satured they still outsold it.

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Yeah 700K definitely paid for the port.

Didn't know Witcher was so sucessful... 28million...!? Rpgs are not supposed to sell this much.

Bioware must be drooling/stomping on their feet. None of their efforts are close to reaching this level of sales.

And 700k is only from october to december, it would have definitly go way over 1 million if it was released in january, and wil probably be at that number by the end of 2020

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Those long tail sales definitely paid off in the long run for them. It'll be interesting to see how far Cyberpunk's can go for, though that game will be on just 3 platforms, but also the next gen systems.

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To me, 700k full price for a port seems like a good number.... Anyone know if this was profitable for the publisher?


The Switch version came out on October 15th, so that's 700k in 2.5 months.

That's pretty good considering it was a full price port of a four year old game. It will breeze passed the million mark, (if it hasn't already) which should easily be enough to turn a profit from a conversion of a game that was already made.

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Another 10+ Million seller for the PS4.

Great sales overall.

This has to be the best selling RPG of all time, right?

Skyrim is the only RPG I can think of that might have sold more than 30 Million. Maybe FF7R has a chance but that seems like a long shot.

Nice to see a a game that truly deserves all the praise it gets pulling in these numbers.