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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Panzer Dragoon Remake out now on Switch

Update: It's out now on the eshop, with a physical release coming later from Limited Run Games.

Original Post: With just 4/5 days of Northern Hemisphere Winter left, the makers of the upcoming Panzer Dragoon remake insist on Twitter it's still coming in that time... but won't give a release date.

Seems extremely weird to say the least, my first thought it that it's been delayed, yet as recently as the 12th of this month they claim it's not.

Perhaps they're planning to shadow drop it?

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Shadow drop after the direct this week maybe. *crosses fingers*

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Paatar said:
Shadow drop after the direct this week maybe. *crosses fingers*

I was secretly kinda hoping for that too. XD

But wasn't this week supposed to be the Indies Showcase, with the actual Direct on the 26th/27th?

As long as it doesn't suck they can delay it a few more months.

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Leynos said:
As long as it doesn't suck they can delay it a few more months.

That's the thing though, at this point if it was getting delayed you'd think they'd just admit to it, instead of insisting with just 8 days to go that it's still on track.

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Will be on Brazilian Winter. Or Got

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What kind of world do we live in where I get more excited for a game getting a slight delay than to release on time?

I'd rather the devs be given time to iron out any obvious issues before launch than to have my excitement to play the game killed because I have to download a big patch once I try to launch it from the console OS, or to hold off on buggy mess of a game and occasionally check to see if patches have been release to get the game to an at least borderline playable state (looking at you Bloodstained).

Mar1217 said:
It'd make for a nice summer title honestly. Don't know where they are with the project but they sure like to be on radio silence lol.

Which gives me very little confidence in this game. I normally get more excited for Sega games when they aren't developed internally, but it's a pretty bad sign when no one wants to show off the game this close to the supposed release date.

Ka-pi96 said:
Winter ended 29th February. They're already late!

Yeah I go by that metric of the seasons too, where they each line up with three calendar months, and personally I think the whole "winter ends March 20th" is fucking stupid.

Still, it seems to be the system the devs are using. 

Maybe a shadow drop in the rumored Direct for next week, but in that case it'd already be late by both systems of the seasons.

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Well, Winter's over by both meteorological and astronomical reckoning, but...

Trying to be positive here, but again, here's hoping this points to a Direct soon where it'll be shadow dropped.

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