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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - XBOX SERIES X OFFICIAL SPEC - Indeed it's 12 Teraflop of Navi 2 with Hardware Accelerated Ray Tracing and VRS , how much will it cost ? EDIT : Add Digital Foundry analysis

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How much do you think it will cost in USD

more then 600 USD 7 11.29%
600 USD 16 25.81%
550 USD 8 12.90%
500 USD 31 50.00%
450 USD 0 0%
400 USD 0 0%
Nate4Drake said:
Day One for me. Same for PS5.

Next Gen will be amazing, and I cannot wait anymore.

^ me as well. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

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DroidKnight said:
Nate4Drake said:
Day One for me. Same for PS5.

Next Gen will be amazing, and I cannot wait anymore.

^ me as well.

^ Me as well.

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Jumpin said:
I hear it's 47 Bibleflitsens! Also, with the ray shade x splicing, I am sure we'll see some beautiful games. This is also the first home console with graphical monolomy features which will push the limits to over 430 Yutaglops.

I'd say 700 USD at least, though it is worth 1300.

You are a doodoo-head if you think it is going to pack any more than 46,5 Bibleflitsens.

$499-$549 seems to be the best price. $599 or higher has historically never worked out. I’d say bundle a game to make it easier.

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Nu-13 said:
hunter_alien said:

Define expensive. The PS3 did mighty well, and the base price (499$) today would be 650$ if you take into account inflation. Look, I'm not saying that I or most consumers don't want a cheap product, but considering this gen, I would be more than OK to pay for the extra oomph, and I bet most Sony/MS fans would be willing to do the same, so they can have a competent system 5-6 years down the line.

The ps3 did horribly bad until sony stripped what it could to make the price $399 and even then it was an uphill battle.

A competent system doesn't need to be expensive and most fans didn't do that for the expensive ps3 and xbox one.

Let's don't rewrite history here. The PS3 first-year sales easily beat the first-year sales of the X360 and several other successful systems. A console cycle is not a sprint, it's a marathon, and it's pretty obvious that pricing is only a factor from many, that decides if a system will perform well in the long-run. 

Also, 500$ today is not expensive, even if you do not like that price point. Is it more expensive than a 400$ system? Sure, but overall well withing the budget os most households that it targets. But I much rather pay more and get more, especially now that 500$ is basically the 300$ they were asking during the 6th generation.

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Good for them. I hope the PS5's specs are close to this so the eventual console war loss won't be to embarrassing for MS.

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This is what I was waiting for! Now, to my predictions that came true (so far). I said it would have 16GB of G6 (some of you argued with me ). The 1TB is also confirmed (though this is where I expected them to push out more and not use NVMe but SATA). The CPU is going to do wonders at that speed (even eclipsing my prediction by 600MHz). Plus, that memory bandwidth is wonderful for a home console. Yeah, this thing is gonna do some great stuff for console-only folks. Be excited, while also preparing yourselves to pay around $499 (yes, this is higher than I expected, but if you want the jump, you have to pay)!


Full specs revealed here:

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