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Forums - General Discussion - What is the most scariest realistic thought that you believe will come true?

DarthMetalliCube said:
EricHiggin said:

Have you seen Idiocracy? They take it way too far but it's hilarious.

Haven't but certainly seems up my ally, with its sort of alternate reality/dystopia premise. I'm shooting to knock out a bunch of films on my wishlist so I'll have to add this one.

Demolition Man is another good one. It's early 90's and also a bit over the top. Some good laugh's though. It's opposite of Idiocracy in terms of the world becoming more like a pristine paradise full of weak sheep vs a dump full of morons.

The Hunt is another one, sort of. It's a 2020 film with political ties and over the top again like the others. Lefties who get fired from their jobs through social media, like what was happening to the righties in real life, because the righties believe it's all part of a lefty conspiracy in the movie. Then the lefties decide to put into practice the sick jokes they got fired over initially, to get revenge. The title of the movie is the core of the plot. It was a little bit unsettling to watch. 

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The Jiminto(conservative party) will be the ruling party of Japan forever.

My prediction in 2021.

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