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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Its a Bird!, No! Its a Super fast super cool hedgehog setting records for Biggest opening for any video game adaption in history!

  • “Sonic the Hedgehog”  burst into theaters over the weekend, hauling in an estimated $57 million Friday through Sunday domestically.
  • It is the highest opening of any video game movie adaption in film industry history.
  • “Sonic the Hedgehog” is expected to haul in around $68 million for the full holiday weekend.

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Wooooooh! That's my guuuuuy.

Now watch SEGA not capitalize.

Tairus is all that matters.
Sonic 2 come quick, and teach them how the movie should be.

Cool. Now make a Sonic Adventures 3. I want my Choa the same year as my Animal Crossings.

Nice to see it had quite the opening!

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I always knew Sonic had a future in movies and television.

Nice to hear. Hope they'll find the investment to redo the animation worthwhile.
Uganda Knuckles for the sequel?

Sonic needed that win. Happy for all involved. I plan on taking my nephews next weekend...but those little assholes don't know how to behave!

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Well it looks good so it deserves to do well.



It also pulled in $43m at the foreign box office over the weekend, for $111m total. Definitely looking like it will make back it's budget, which should mean that we get the planned sequel.