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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony Back Button Attachment sold out nations wide?

Then I will just see if a 3rd party will make one.

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I love my Playstation and all that but I think I'll pass on this back button. I can do everything that is needed to play my video games with the buttons currently existing on the PS4 controller, I don't remember in the middle of any game saying: Oh crap, I can't shoot this enemy cause the button to shoot it does not exist.

So this extra is not for me.

So Gamestop got them in online yesterday and I got one. They are sold out again. I believe Eric is correct. They are doing an artificial demand thing.

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Got it today and have been using it in some shooters and mecha games. I'm in for paddles becoming standard on controllers from here on out. Give me a paddlin!

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

EricHiggin said:

SNY trying to create (artificial) demand through minimal shipments perhaps? For an accessory that could potentially be built into their new next gen hardware launching this year?

Not trying to say this is definitely what they're doing, but it wouldn't be an industry first if it was.

The more likely reason is they didn’t overproduce because they didn’t know if it would fly off the shelves or not.

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If I can find it, I kind of want it. $30 is pretty steep though for what I would use it for. I don't know if I'll ever get it, but it's cool. DualShock 5 might have back buttons, but we'll see.

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