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Mixed feelings.

The expansion pack itself seems good. But, I'd be more receptive to it if the single player in the base game had more content. Feels like at least some of this content should have been there.

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They know how to hook me hard.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team is one of my favourite games ever - I've already preordered (well I'm opening my Switch right now to do so). It looks fantastic, it's not as nice-looking as the sprite art on the GBA/DS, but the style is really well done. I love the music remix too. So happy (and hopeful that this means that a Explorers remake is on the way in a few years should this sell well)

The expansion pass looks really good - I'm so happy that third versions seem to be dead. A lot of the new Pokemon shown in the direct looked really cool too.

Actually a really solid direct seeing as I went in with below zero expectations.

I haven't got the new games yet but this looks very solid, hopefully this kills off 3rd versions for good.

DLC looks good.

Great DLC.
Feels like they could give us the pokemon game we wanted if SS was released in 2020.

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Good loop, good ending, as expected of Game Freak. xD

Welp there's indeed updates, albeit paid dlc, a whopping $30 at that. If the base game were already solid this would be more acceptable, but as is my interest is still zero. Hyping up the new areas as being bigger wild areas wasn't the best idea, but maybe they've done more with the concept this time. Naturally I lack faith that these new areas will be of higher quality than what the base game offered. As for returning Pokemon, god damn that is sad. First of all, $90 and you still get less Pokemon than the $40 3DS games. More so, they're stripping away what used to be part of the base game behind additional pay walls. Yes they said you can trade for these Pokemon without buying the DLC, but some people have to buy it first even if not everyone. The main reason they did this is probably just to keep it from being pay to win.

Still, this is better than doing nothing like I was expecting, even if they admit this is just their new way of doing a 3rd version.

Guess I'll keep waiting to pick up Pokemon Sword/Shield.

I'd rather Nintendo made a DLC for Super Mario Party. (still hoping)

Incredible. They were able to shit on their customers even more. Not only they delivered a broken game that fails in pretty much every area except the core battle system and the catching mechanic... but they will sell a partial solution to some of these problems for 30 dolars. Wow...

The sad (and funny) thing is... no matter how much content they sell, the game will still be flawed.

Cerebralbore101 said:
Okay so they announced DLC that should have already been in the game, and want to charge us $30 for it? -_-

It's an improvement from the old method. Buy the game for full price then a year or two later buy the game again at full price and start from scratch in order to play the extra stuff.

It still sucks but it's better than what we had with previous generations.

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30$ for content that doesn't even attempt to fix people's problems with the game. 90$ in total for a shell of a Pokemon game. Shameful.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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