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Forums - Website Topics - A Minor Curiosity About the Main Page Articles

Probably anyone can answer this. I'm probably just slow up the uptake here.

Anyway, when I click on any given article on the main page nowadays and look at the comments, I notice that there are now non-bolded links to a seemingly random individual's user profile just below each comment. They don't appear to be the name of the last person to up-vote or down-vote, nor do they seem to be the name of the last person to reply to said comment. I'm baffled. Why are the seemingly random links to user profiles there? It can't just be random, and I'm pretty sure that they didn't used to be a feature of the comment sections. Why are those there? What painfully obvious thing am I missing here? 

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RolStoppable said:
It seems random to you because you get the order wrong. The links don't appear below comments, but above them. They are broken avatar images which are hyperlinks to a user's profile just like their username.

The avatars should be displayed next to usernames, but since several days ago the code has had a problem and lifts the avatars above the respective comment boxes.

*slaps head*

Oh my god. How could I miss something that obvious? Wow. I'm embarrassed right now.

This seems to be because the HTTPS certificate expired on Dec 23. Someone should probaby renew the certificate... Since it's a Let's Encrypt certificate anyway, I imagine it should be fairly easy (to anyone knowing what they're doing, that is).