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Top 10 Graphics Of 2020 - The Five Highest Move on To Finals

Control 0 0%
Resident Evil 3 0 0%
Final Fantasy VII: Remake 1 5.00%
The Last Of Us: Part II 7 35.00%
Ghost of Tsushima 1 5.00%
Crysis Remastered 0 0%
Black Ops: Cold War (Next... 0 0%
Demon's Souls 2 10.00%
Spider Man: Miles Morales (Next Gen only) 0 0%
Cyberpunk 2077 (PC only -... 9 45.00%

Although this is early next gen, the advancements are there (especially raytracing - particularly AO and Shadow). Also, the environmental textures are quite good!

While I've seen both console versions of Cold War, and they do look quite nice, the PC's raytracing and textures are a notch above:

What should be noted is the overall tech involved with several of the next gen games I've played (not just graphics, but the physics and 'extras' buzzing around). Throughout the rest of the month and December, we're going to look at some of them (I'll hopefully have some Miles Morales and Demon's Souls stuff before year's end).

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Yeah, something special about this year's COD...

Cloth is particularly good!

Then, lighting and textures (shadres) are already showing what the devs have been able to do with better hardware (though it's, as usual, the PC which is the best place to display it)!

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The first in-game, next gen character render(s)

Ironically, I promised improved fur... 

You're welcome

PS - yes, I know those Miles renders aren't quite as detailed as mine, but that's also an open world game, in the beginning of the gen. Mid-late gen, character models should look better than my render (save for the hair).

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Now that the gen started is there any more personal stuff you can divulge without breaking yours NDAs? @CGI-Quality

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DonFerrari said:

Now that the gen started is there any more personal stuff you can divulge without breaking yours NDAs? @CGI-Quality

Yeah, soon I'll have a few bullet points of what to expect.


Remember what I've said over the past two-three years about strand-based hair? This animates the way it does because they're moving away from transmapped hair (what we still use in the Art community for portraits and extreme animations - specifically for prerendered movies). In real-time, they're going to start moving entirely here (fibermesh). 

On top of that, his skin deforms realistically and uses pinpoint calculations to 'collide' with the strand-based hair (again, all promises I made to you). Now, sure, this is a sports game, but keep watch. Wait until y'all see true next gen exclusives (that is either one platform or multiple, but without any cross-gen assets attached).


While the terrain is a hit and miss based on available source data, the lighting and weather system is out of this world in FS2020

Next gen open world games should really step up their game with dynamic weather.

Cyberpunk is about as good of all around raytracing as I’ve seen out of game! That is lighting/reflections/shadows (much like Control, but better)!

I’ll have screens later!


Will get one of the new GPUs early next year but undecided at the moment, leaning towards the 3080 at the moment due to DLSS and good RT performance.