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Jeff Grubb said that he also heard about Bandai Namco working on Killer Instinct but he couldn’t verify it.

If it's true, I wonder what team it is, Soulcalibur, Tekken or Smash...I'd think Soulcalibur, it's the weakest IP of those 3, I can imagine if it was the Smash team they would drop KI like a tonne of bricks as soon as Nintendo was ready to put another Smash in development, Tekken is strong and likely has another entry close to release.

Probably would be easier to convince Soulcalibur team to do certain things (like Rollback Netcode) than it would be to convince Harada to as well...

Attrition is also coming next week and maybe King of the Hill?

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Tactical slayer challenges? Please no!

It just doesn't have the same feel as SWAT. I can't put my finger on why... I just don't like it like I did on other halo games.

So next week is.

  • - BtB Fix.
  • - Store Changes: Prices, Better Value, Individual Items.
  • - Attrition & KotH (Maybe one comes later, at least one is coming though).

Nice start to the year, only back from Holiday for a week too, though after BtB I would say the desync is the next biggest issue which needs fixing.

Hopefully a fix soon, ideally before the Feb patch!

Also I didn't expect them to adjust store prices so soon considering how many people seem to be buying stuff, Lol. The fact that they're fixing them though bodes well for almost everything else to be changed/fixed (almost).


Hook has been really responsive to feedback, I like him, especially when he took all the blame for the Tenrai event, Lol.

Another map has leaked too.

Ryuu96 said:

Have high prices at launch to cash in on the large early playerbase then drop the cosmetic prices once sales start to slow down lol.

My thoughts on all that Halo news:

  • The store changes sound like a nice start (hopefully the pricing is dropped significantly), and it sounds like they plan to add in-game credit earning later *chef's kiss*
  • The new leaked map is giving me Elongation from Halo 2 vibes with the conveyor belts, nice. I like how 4 out of the 5 leaked maps seem to be spiritual successors to classic Halo maps. 
  • The 2 new events seem promising based on the gametypes and the leaked cosmetics from them that we have already seen
  • BTB fixed and they are compensating us for wasted challenge swaps as a result of them not disabling BTB challenges while BTB was broken, very good