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If I was blackout drunk I'd fancy a Khajiit.

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Oh it's favorite playable. Only ever did Nord. Misread that.


Since you got nothing else going on right now, we good to start doing bingo cards? Think it's better to do them earlier now, so people can't change it and use stuff that eventually leaks.

May of this year is dry AF in the gaming world lol

Biggest releases I see for this month are Evil Dead: The Game and Sniper Elite 5

Ryuu96 said:
Spade said:

This dude Ryuu bored af, postin rasslin gifs. Smh.

Is... he coming back? 

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Ryuu96 said:

Xbox & Bethesda Showcase Bingo Cards

I'm sure that most of you know the drill by now, for those who don't, Bingo Cards are a number of predictions for the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase in June on stuff that you think will be revealed, announced, shown, etc. You can be in it to win but you don't have to take it seriously if you don't want to, it's just a bit of fun, it's entirely your choice.

I would like most Bingo Cards about 1-2 weeks before the showcase. They have to be 5x5 with the middle space being blank and you can use whatever template you want.

Example - Basic


You can also use this template or you can create your own.

You can use any image editor to place your text inside of the boxes, you can also add images if you'd like, the boxes are 180x180 so it's just a case of resizing images to that size, slotting them into the square and then overlaying text over it but you don't have to do that if you don't want to.

Examples From Showcase of 2021 (Click the Profile Cards to see the Bingo Cards)

Yeah no, you getting the cheap VGC version pimp. I expect mine done within the next 48 hours too.

Ryuu96 said:

Activision now says it is doubling-down on Call of Duty investments. Over 3,000 people are working on the franchise, representing 31% of its total employee headcount (9,800) and nearly half of its total developers (6,800). The publisher says it is developing "the most ambitious plan" in franchise history, which will culminate in Modern Warfare II and the new revamped Warzone.

"Overview: As of December 31, 2021, Activision Blizzard had approximately 9,800 full-time and part-time employees, with approximately 68% in North America, approximately 25% in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa ("EMEA") region, and approximately 7% in the Asia Pacific region. Of these employees, approximately 68% either work directly on, or support, our game and technology development, which represents an approximate seven percentage point increase from 2020."

More Than 3,000 People Are Working on Call of Duty, Activision Says | TweakTown

These are some interesting stats and worth remembering when we talk about headcounts of studios, Activision-Blizzard may have 9,800 employees but only 6,800 of those are game developers but JFC 3,000 of that 9,800 are working on CoD alone at all times, I wonder what the split is between Warzone, CoD Mainline and CoD Mobile.

Hmm, that was not what I was expecting when it came to how much of a letdown Vanguard was lol.

But CoD Mobile is outsourced to TiMi who have really made a name for themselves on big mobile titles. So I don't think CoD mobile counts towards Acti-Blizz's 9,800 total employees. 

Honorable mentions that didn't make the list:
-Phil put on some weight, plus wears a nice fitting t-shirt with some gaming crap on it. 

Don't see any Activision stuff shown, I'm guessing they may mention the deal, but will probably gloss over it. 

If all the below is shown/not shown I'd say it's probably around an 8 for me overall. Missing out on key 3rd parties that Xbox has as I'm forgetting if we ever had any WB games shown or if that was all PS. Don't see new Coalition IP, or Perfect Dark, and Indiana Jones tbh. Trying to go into it with reasonable expectations and avoiding spoilers. So please use them here :)

No Persona  Gears Trilogy Remaster Fable.... Not shown! Big 3rd party Gamepass deal  New game from Inexile shown
No acquisitions despite fake insiders. State of Decay 3 CGI trailer Redfall Gameplay with Fall Release Yakuza 8 Trailer Shown Tales of Arise on Game pass
Sea of Thieves Content Update Avowed Trailer Shown 2023 Welcome Back King... Philly! Apology from 343 for lack of content with season details. Indie Sizzle Reel 
Contraband CGI 2023 Release Date New Obsidian Game shown Starfield Closing the show with Gameplay demo Forza Motorsport Trailer 2023 Release  Ubisoft + Coming to Gamepass in some capacity
Forza Horizon 5 First Expansion  Goldeneye Trailer Wolfenstein 3 Trailer ESO & Fallout 76 Updates  Xbox Xcloud Showcase


Can you make my bingo card look nice with the pics and stuff Noble agreed to send some pics for it. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.