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Post Your Series X Impressions: Has It Matched Your Expectations?

Exceeded Them 11 32.35%
Matched Them 13 38.24%
Below Them 10 29.41%

Congrats to Wasteland 3 for one million players! 

I picked up this sniper rifle named after our favorite curse word and found it very cool :) If there's one thing us Finns love more than drinking Koskenkorva, it's when our insignificant country is mentioned anywhere in the world lol. Cudos to inExile. 

Despite technical shortcomings so far I'd say Wasteland 3 is a great game. I think they have ironed out most of the bugs too as I haven't seen any. Gameplay is good but where this game really shines it's the story. Much like Fallout New Vegas, there's multiple factions to side with and shape the course of events. Or choose to fuck 'em all up of course. But I feel there's more depth compared to NV. 

Soundtrack is also great and some of the songs spice up important combat encounters give them an unique and epic feeling.

I'd love to see a 1st or 3rd person RPG by inExile but I'm not sure if they're capable of delivering a required performance and quality for a game like that. With help from other studios perhaps? 

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Barozi said:

Currently about 10 hours into Yakuza 0.

This is the first time I properly played a Yakuza game (owned but barely played Yakuza 3 on PS3). 9 hours of that within the past two days. Looks like I'm really digging the game but I wouldn't go that far. I have plenty of criticism for the game.

1) Way way too many cutscenes. Also I don't get why they change the type of cutscenes they're using so often. From artistic (almost) still images with voices to in-game text boxes without voices to in-game text boxes with voices to pre-rendered cutscenes.

2) No English dub. Not even every line is voiced in Japanese.

3) meh-ish graphics. Everything pre-rendered looks fine but the difference between that and in-game graphics is quite big. Every NPC other than the main protagonists and antagonists look pretty bad. Face detail is very low and so is skin texture complexity. Hair looks terrible as well. Surroundings look alright but not impressive. Game runs at 1440p on Xbox One X and yet I can cleary see aliasing artifacts in the distance. So either the game is using a bad type of AA or they should aim for 4k in future releases. The game's originally from 2015 so I guess the more recent ones will look a bit better.

4) I still don't know what the game is trying to be. It's around 70% cutscenes, 15% running around districts and 15% fighting (distribution changes if you include the optional mini games). I wouldn't even say that the fighting is that good. Some fighting styles seem to be much superior to others (could change if you fully upgrade their abilities). It's pretty chaotic and hard to hit a specific enemy. Especially if you use something like the capoeira style or using objects with the beast style. Honestly I prefer the combat in Sleeping Dogs.

I'm quite happy that Kiwami 1 and 2 seem to be much shorter in comparison (~18 hours each). Not sure if I would touch them if they were also 30+ hours like Yakuza 0. Yakuza 7 on the other hand.... 45 hours for the main story.

Yakuza 7 is going to feel completely different from all the other Yakuza games since it will be turn based.  Yakuza 3 on PS3 was also the first Yakuza game I played.   Kiwami 1 plays similar to 0 and Kiwami 2 plays similar to 6.  I enjoyed all the Yakuza games I played so far still have to finish 5 and I have 7 pre ordered on PS4.

Poor scores for Watch Dogs: Legion. (74 on PS4 after 23 reviews, 77 on Xbox One after 29 reviews and 75 on PC after 25 reviews)
Can't say I'm surprised. Don't know what others saw in it. Looked like a 1:1 copy of Watch Dogs 2 to me.

Xbox has the most reviews? That’s surprising

Yeah the even distribution between the platforms surprised me as well.

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Sounds like Todd preparing folk for Elder Scrolls exclusivity.

Ryuu96 said:

Sounds like Todd preparing folk for Elder Scrolls exclusivity.

Nah man, HARD TO IMAGINE! That's the important line at end! 

Ryuu96 said:

So does this mean I can play Ninja Gaiden Black on the Xbox Series X, by buying it digitally on the console? Because I know it's been available as a backwards compatible title for Xbox One for sometime now. You can purchase all backwards compatible games digitally and then play them in BC mode digitally right? I've wanted to try Ninja Gaiden Black for forever at this point !