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If You Could Have Any Publisher / Game Pass Partnership, Which Publisher Would You Want Most?

Activision-Blizzard 0 0.00%
EA 1 14.29%
Take-Two 0 0.00%
Ubisoft 2 28.57%
Square Enix 0 0.00%
Capcom 0 0.00%
Sega 2 28.57%
Embracer Group (THQ Nordic/Deep Silver) 1 14.29%
Bandai Namco 1 14.29%
Other 0 0.00%

** Betting is CLOSED - all winnings have been paid out by trunkswd **


OpenCritic Prediction - Ori and the Will of the Wisps

50 or Less 0 $0.00 0.00%
51 - 55 0 $0.00 0.00%
56 - 60 0 $0.00 0.00%
61 - 65 0 $0.00 0.00%
66 - 70 0 $0.00 0.00%
71 - 75 0 $0.00 0.00%
76 - 80 0 $0.00 0.00%
81 - 85 0 $0.00 0.00%
86 - 90 5 $969.00 35.71%
91 or Over 9 $2,621.72 64.29%
Totals: 14 $3,590.72  
Game closed: 03/08/2020
Slade6alpha said:
Ryuu96 said:
I too would prefer day one releases into Gamepass over timed exclusives, like for example getting Cyberpunk day one into Gamepass would be a megaton and also very good for me, whatever Sony moneyhats will come eventually anyway and I'll be busy with Gamepass releases.

I don't think Sony would be able to moneyhat much that would really hurt Xbox anyway.

Yeah FF 16 and SF 6 won't do much. Do you feel that if Sony is going to be resorting to those measures that might inspire MS to put in a serious bid for WB, or another studio? 

I can see GTA 6 possibly being one that would hurt them. Doubt that would happen.....

SF 6 mean nothing if they buy MK... and while FF16 would suck, hardly a dealbreaker for Xbox. Sony must be scared about GP if they’re still trying it while dominating this gen. With GP, rewards , Xcloud, XBL. There’s no competing with Xbox as a service. Point blank period. 

And let’s stop pretending there’s a GTA 6, you mean V in 8k? 

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iceland said:
Ryuu96 said:

Take em down Rare! 🙏

A..a....are you rooting against halo? 🔎

SF IV sold pretty good on 360 (didn't sell that much more on PS3). Now it's aleady so in peoples minds that PS is the console for SF that SF 6 exclusivity wouldn't hurt so much but only because most will buy a PS5 instead of an Xbox already. Not because some of the Xbox audience was never interested in it. But those are already gone...

coolbeans said:
Slade6alpha said:

@XBE Peeps

What are yall biggest wants and or bold predictions for the show?

Biggest want: Jap studio formed LO remake (never gonna happen, but ehh) &/OR Forza Horizon 5 in Japan
Bold Prediction: Volition gonna show up and show off Saints Row 5 #GTAKILLER

Edit: No TimDog like predictions like, Halo Infinite gameplay :sonic: 

Biggest want: Star Wars: KOTOR incorporated back into canon and a remake/remaster announced.

Bold Prediction: A re-emphasis on opening up Rare's IP catalog.  That's already been slightly done with Battletoads.  Now expand it to Perfect Dark (2) AND Banjo-Threeie.  

A KOTOR remake would be glorious, and one is rumored to be in development, but it won't be announced yet. Supposedly EA isn't making it, but rather Disney, and Disney has to wait until EA's 10 year licensing deal expires mid 2013 before they can announce and release it. 

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trunkswd said:
Slade6alpha said:

Cyberpunk Day one on gamepass!  

Imagine GTA VI and Elder Scrolls VI day one on Game Pass!

That would be a gigaton  

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My wishlist for the July show


  • Halo Infinite singleplayer is open world with side missions, main missions are linear and accessed from various points on the open world map (much like ODST), can call in a Pelican for a vehicle drop at any time to get around the world faster. Multiplayer plays much like 5, but with the new Warzone 2.0 that gets rid of the lootbox power weapons in favor of a point based system, where you are awarded points in-game for kills and objective captures, which you can then spend on power weapons, power-ups, and vehicles with a range of point costs. No forged maps, 14+ built from the round up MP maps (between Arena and Warzone) on release, with more being added over time in free updates. Game comes with a good selection of armor sets that can be purchased with in-game currency you earn from MP matches, future armor sets added through DLC updates purchasable with in-game currency or real world money. No randomized lootboxes! Playable Elites again in multiplayer, with their own armor sets that can be purchased.
  • Perfect Dark reboot announced, story driven action-adventure with stealth elements.
  • Fable Reboot announced, open world and gorgeous running on Unreal 4 (eventually 5).


  • Forza Horizon 5 with Japan setting announced. Largest Horizon map yet, with a good sized car list as well. Seasons return. 
  • Saints Row 5 announced with Xbox marketing
  • Cyberpunk next-gen build shown running on XSX, day one Gamepass release
  • Starfield gameplay reveal with Xbox marketing, day one Gamepass release
  • Mass Effect Remaster/Remake collection announced with Xbox marketing
  • Xbox multi-IP cross-over game, Kart or brawler, don't really care which as both would be cool
  • Japan studio acquisition, either White Owls or Grounding Inc would be great.
  • AAA western studio acquisition announced
  • Brutal Legend 2 announced by Double Fine, with a recorded statement by Jack Black

A Man Can Dream

  • Mistwalker partnering with another studio to develop either Lost Odyssey remake, Lost Odyssey 2, a new IP, or a Cry-On revival, don't really care which, would play any of the above
  • Sega partnership announced, more Sega games on Xbox, including Atlus games, all with eventual Gamepass releases.
  • New Conker announced, without being held back by political correctness
  • ReCore 2 announced, Unreal Engine
  • KOTOR remake or at least a 1 and 2 remaster collection announced
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Nice list Shika. That man can dream part was facts! I'd love Recore 2, little repetitive, but fun overall.

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shikamaru317 said:

My wishlist for the July show

A Man Can Dream

  • New Conker announced, without being held back by political correctness

The man can certainly dream. lol

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coolbeans said:
shikamaru317 said:

My wishlist for the July show

A Man Can Dream

  • New Conker announced, without being held back by political correctness

The man can certainly dream. lol

Yep, I know it will never happen unfortunately. If they did make a new Conker, it would be some bastardization like that Young Conker Hololens game. Microsoft is too afraid of the criticism they would get if they released a proper new Conker game.