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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Hardware 7 December 2019 - Cyber Monday Week

Good to see all 3 consoles numbers for last week were adjusted up! Though this makes for an exceptionally sharp drop for PS4 this week.

Bar any downwards adjustments, Switch has held up remarkably well YoY in Smash week, and actually has a very good chance of being up YoY for december.

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Switch leapfrogs X1 and now heads towards the SNES milestone.

And thus, the Xbox One has been overcome. Next up, the SNES milestone.

Another milli week for Switch

And so it happened, the Switch overtakes Xbox One never to look back.

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I can't believe how fast you are to publish new numbers. It's like numbers from 4 days ago... very impressed by your work, trunks. Thank you very much.

The next two milestones for Switch are the two classic home platforms in the SNES and then the NES, NS needs 3.2m more to pass the SNES at which point the only Nintendo home platforms left for NS to aim for are their most famous ones in NES and Wii. It will likely pass the NES around November or maybe sooner as it pretty much has the year to itself.

You were waiting for that one... My estimation for this week was 1,1M, I am fine with the result.

I have reported the last adjustments of Q3 and Q2. I think we have a 10.5 Millions shipped minimum for this Q3 ending in 3 weeks.

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Switch beats PS4 + Xbone combined by over 300k, monstrous sales.

3DS well and truly deceased at this point, below 20k even during the biggest month of the year.

Minor typo: Vita somehow manages to sell 41 units in Japan but only 4 globally.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023. (And over 130 million lifetime)

Switch down YoY 88,444 due to Smash Bros.  That is actually a very good hold, but it also had Cyber Monday on it's side.  Will be interesting to see how it holds up for the rest of December.

XB1 actually outsold PS4 in NA this week.  This will probably be XB1's last signficant week.  Kind of ironic it did "well" during the same week that Switch passed it's lifetime total.  XB1 really is on it's way out, while Switch sales are still accelerating.  This holiday really does belong to Switch.