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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What Games Would You Like To See Nintendo Re-release / Remaster / Remake For The Switch?


What Games Would You Like To See Nintendo Re-Release / Remaster / Remake For The Switch?

Mario 64 / Galaxy 1 & 2 / Sunshine 3 20.00%
Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Majora's Mask 2 13.33%
Donkey Kong 64 0 0%
Donkey Kong Country Trilogy 2 13.33%
Super Mario RPG 2 13.33%
Metroid Prime Trilogy 2 13.33%
F-Zero X 1 6.67%
Kid Icarus Uprising 2 13.33%
Paper Mario 1 6.67%
Eternal Darkness 0 0%

I'm with you on Super Mario 64, a full remake with the capabilities of today's system would be amazing.

Beside that I'm also curious about a remake of Mario Sunshine. I wouldn't be surprised if that one gets announced at some point though. Personally, it's my least favourite 3D Mario game and I didn't really cared for it much when I played it on GameCube, but for some reason I'd like to see what I'd think of it if I'd replay it now.

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I would love to see Mario 64 get the Crash/Spyro treatment. Mario 64 is also one of my favorite games of all time,and I would love to be able to play it again with modern visuals, and controls updated to take advantage of modern controllers.

Donkey Kong 64 is another title I really enjoyed as a kid, and would really like to see reach it's full potential with a remake.

Finally, I would like to see Diddy Kong Racing.

I want all these titles to be remade in original form, with modern graphics and control tweaks. No additions, no extras. Just give us the original as it was. Any additions can be delivered in a proper new titles after the release of the remake.

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I can't ever go into these threads without shilling for TTYD. That'd be a nice game to have.

I would like to see a remake of F-Zero X with updated graphics and online multiplayer up to 30 players. It would be quite amazing! :O
Also, a remake of the first Kid Icarus (or the GB game Of Myth and Monsters) redesigned in 2d pixel art as they did for Metroid Zero Mission.
2d remakes of Super Mario Land 1 and 2 would be much appreciated.

I'd love an Eternal Darkness Remake, plus a sequel to that game afterwards

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Super Mario Galaxy 1 + 2.
main controls: normal sticks and buttons (similar to the Nvidia shield version) for handheld mode, Pro Controller and Switch lite
optional controls: some added motion control input from the JoyCons (similar to the Wii version) in tabletop + TV mode

Super Mario RPG remake.
Thats it, everything else comes secondary to that game.

+1 for F-zero X. 

Starfox 64 (a real remake this time)

paper mario and 

super mario: legend of the 7 stars

Mario galaxy (a remaster would be fine). 

All the mario and luigi games.

And of course Zelda OoT :P 

Besided that, I want ports for zelda wind waker (yes, again).

All the pikmin games

and mario 3d world

and all the batman arkham games and Stars wars roque leader, but those are not from Nintendo :(

I hate to be that guy but...Ocarina of Time. The 3DS "remakes" were not what I expected for a remake of Ocarina. A full blown remake without re-using any assets or textures, fully HD, etc. would be on the top of my list. I personally think Nintendo doesn't want to remake it because they don't want to see Dead Hand in HD and hey....I don't blame them

Eternal Darkness and Kid Icarus Uprising PERIOD