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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's the worst successor to a console, ever?


Biggest loser

Nintendo 64 4 4.30%
Xbox One 11 11.83%
Wii U 45 48.39%
PlayStation 3 9 9.68%
Sega Saturn 10 10.75%
Other 9 9.68%
They're all winners in my eyes!! 5 5.38%
Leynos said:
curl-6 said:
There should definitely be a poll option for the Vita.

 Despite less sales. Vita is better than PSP and I love both. I stand by it.

Library quality( personal taste) is not made a good or bad successor. The vita is the final nail in sony's portable space. The worst successor for PSP, sure. No more successor, then. it's more objective value than subjective. 

Sony makes the good choice and focus were stronger: home console. Ps4 is a monster now.

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From those choices I'm gonna have to pick the Saturn. In my country we never even heard of the Saturn, it was the PlayStation or the N64. I also consider the N64 a huge failure but even though I'm not a fan, Nintendo deserves credit for Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time, they were both huge accomplishment that influenced gaming for years and years. I don't think the Saturn had anything like that, though I've heard it has a few gems here and there.

Agente42 said:
Chrkeller said:

I rather stunned the Saturn hasn't received more votes. Sega was doing really well with the Genesis. The Saturn was very expensive compared to the ps1 and Sega never recovered. The Saturn basically killed the company.  Though I'll concede the Sega CD and 32x certainly didn't help.  Sega used to be a huge player.  


First, what is meant by the worst console? I understand that something that was so harmful that the company failed to recover. The effects were so great that the company in question entered a considerable destructive spiral. Well, let's look at the options. So I see that the most damaging console was Saturn, which caused Sega to leave the console branches. The Dreamcast was just the result of the Saturn disaster. Where is Psvita here in this poll?

curl-6 said:
There should definitely be a poll option for the Vita.

Two things: 

1.) I made this thread at work so I tried to keep the op short. 

1.5) I kinda kept it just home consoles instead of portables though portables are definitely up for discussion

C.) Vita was awesome! I specifically said that in my second or third post in this thread. It was the consumer that failed.

2.) I have a Vita bias.

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The N64 being on that list is shameful. My favorite system ever. Brought us into the era we are in today.
Wii U, by far, was a massive letdown for me. Poor launch games, didn't get anything going for it for a long time.

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I've never owned a Sega System so I'll ignore that one, but other than that the only bad console on the list is WiiU.

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Moonhero said:
The N64 being on that list is shameful. My favorite system ever. Brought us into the era we are in today.

Hey, don't blame me. Blame Nintendo for making a console that went from being the market leader to selling 1/3 of their nearest competitor, having so many software droughts, alienating 3rd parties, and having the worst version of most multiplatfmult games. I appreciate that they brought a lot to the table. A laundry list of ideas, innovations and improvements. Some of the best games ever created that still hold up (aside from the graphics). They just dropped the ball in a lot of key areas that cost them to this day.

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Business wise, the PS3 is the worst by far however the Sega Saturn failed to turn its ship around and basically flopped from start to finish.

Atari 5200/7800


WiiU thread? WiiU thread.

These consoles were all great successors, they were struggling to sell like nightmare due to mismanagement, sells at loss and as well as overshadowed by other consoles. The real bad successor to the consoles that quickly shut down were Atari 5200 & NEOGEO CD in the United States. Reasons?

NEOGEO CD: CD-ROM drive speed is only X1 that causes longer loading time and dated console at the time during 5th gen consoles market plus lack of 3D, it's essentially budget NEOGEO AES with CD-ROM drive without expensive cartridge.

Atari 5200: Hoo you remember the first model too well, the controllers and the freaking united box that comes RF+PSU combined.

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