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Forums - General Discussion - What do you think should be done about climate change?

What we really should do ? Stop everything, stop buying electronic stuff, stop the great amount of electric consumption, stop producing plastic, treat our garbage better, stop buying meat and off-season products (like fruits), and now, not in 10 years.

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SKMBlake said:
What we really should do ? Stop everything, stop buying electronic stuff, stop the great amount of electric consumption, stop producing plastic, treat our garbage better, stop buying meat and off-season products (like fruits), and now, not in 10 years.

The problem is the worst of the bunch.... USA,China,India, arn't very willing to put in much effort at all.
So even if the rest of the world, does, it wont matter.

Trump needs to lose office before anything serious can happend.
If the USA wont lead by exsample, you know China and India, wont do squat either.

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xbebop said:
The world's major political entities (US, China, EU, Japan, India, AU/CA, etc.) need to commit *trillions* of dollars each (less for smaller countries, obviously), on a yearly basis, for the next 20 years in order to get humanity closer to a carbon-neutral state. By some estimates we have less than a decade to reverse our carbon emissions. We may, indeed, already be out of time to stop some extreme warming. We're getting to the point where the positive feedback loop is coming into effect: the world is warming, so more ice and snow melts in the arctic, causing more gas to be release, ,which warms the Earth, which melts more stuff, and so on. Beyond that, a warmer planet means more water vapor in the air, and guess what, *water vapor is also a greenhouse gas*. We need a global war-economy to be mobilized against climate change, and it needs to happen right now.

Sea levels rise, needs to be taken seriously.
Too many people live near coastal area's.

Its too late already do prevent much of it.... so all we can do now is learn to survive the changes that will come.
People thinking of buying houses, shouldnt buy anything near or below sea levels, or close to the sea.

Retireing to florida, might not be such a good idea (as a exsample).

Absolutely nothing. Just make sure we don't pollute our local areas and adopt cleaner energies when it is financially feasible for companies, and the Earth will take care of the rest. The fact is most of the people who push global warming, especially the bureaucrats who alarmists seem to want to have handle trillions of dollars to do something about it, after they have already wasted billions/trillions of dollars on "wars" on things, with nothing to show, don't actually believe it.

Why do I say this? Simple, if you honestly believed that the Earth is going to start to die in 10-12 years, you would change absolutely everything about how you lived. Instead they continue to fly on private jets and buy expensive homes that use way more energy than the average home. Including homes on the beach front, when they go around preaching about how the ocean level is on the rise. Global warming has been co-opted by the Left just to continue their pursuit of attacking businesses that they don't control.

The fact is 20 years from now we'll still be here, with people screaming that we only have 10-12 years to fix it. The same thing that's been happening since the 60s. Of course, back then it was Global Cooling and we needed to put soot on the poles to melt them to encourage heating. We'll see which it will be in 20 years, since we did just have two years of cooling.

Change our energy production to renewable, ban single-use plastics, drastic agricultural changes (less of an emphasis on meats, even if banning meat is really not necessary), stricter emission laws on companies.
Some people think simply the advance of technology will solve this crisis. They fail to see technology is what caused the crisis to begin with.
We need to make the right choices with the technologies currently given en make choices to steer further developments to be more renewable.

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Personally for starters, with technology these days, have majority of employees work from home if it's actually possible for them to do their work at home.

Think of how much less traffic/cars will be on the road. With more people working from home there'll be less of a need to construct bigger roads and buildings for businesses, thus saving more trees from being cut/less pollution from the construction work.

Not only that, but it will boost worker's morale. No longer having to wake up early to get ready to be stuck in traffic just to get in time. No need to go out and buy lunch if you're right by your own refrigerator etc.

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Oh and also support Nuclear energy. The world's energy supply could be easily replaced by Nuclear, with very little environmental consequences.

Server downtime to save energy is the wrong way

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More trees ,less industry and guns/tanks/ aircraft carriers/atomic bombs.


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CuCabeludo said:

Every once in a while a clown like Greta Thunberg emerges touting developing countries(60%+ of the world) to stop trying to get developed and shut down their industries, go back to stone age. Such countries obviously give them the middle finger and move on.

Only science, by developing new materials and new forms of energy production can do something, not kids or burocrats.

That child you call a clown has the right to have a future and instead of trowing insults at her you could show some sympathy for what and why she is"touting" as you say she is.

Kids can do a lot for us when they get to decide important things when being older,them showing interest in it now is something that can reward society in the long run.