Forums - NSFW Discussion - Biggest age gap you've dated/mated across?

For me...

Under 5 years 14 29.17%
5-9 years 18 37.50%
10-14 years 8 16.67%
15-19 years 5 10.42%
20 or more 3 6.25%
Nogamez said:

Mated? Haha who even refers to it as that? Wtf lol

Anyway probs about 7 years up and about 3 years down.

I was thinking the same xD

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Most memorable was back in 2007 when I was a 30 year old cop and I dated a 19 year old. She's married with two kids now and I'm married as well but she's always going to be the love of my life. We're actually still friends.

I think I dated at least two women younger than her. I was in my mid or late 30s and they were early 20s but they weren't really relationships.

*I also dated a 30 year old female when I was like 21. I'd just lost my virginity maybe a month before and this lady basically decided I was going to be hers. She taught me a lot.

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For dating, my girlfriend is 8 years younger, which is also the biggest age gap.

Hard to say without asking, don't really care about age that much. My main gf was only 1 month younger than me, others I have no idea.

Probably no more than 5 years although I don't ask for the ID unless I suspect it is a minor.

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I almost always dated older girls but never more than 5 years

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6 years for me.

I've had three intimate relationships in my life; my first GF was 26 and I was 23. My second GF was 19 and I was 25. This year I had a 3-month-long casual relationship with a 24 year old, I'm now 30.

Funnily, the 3 year gap felt like a bigger deal; she was a lot more experienced than me not just in romance/sex but in life in general, so it was a significant factor in our relationship dynamic. With the other two, despite the gap being twice as big, we were closer in terms of experience and maturity so it felt more like we were the same age even though we weren't.

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When I was 17, I dated a 28 year old dude...👀

Ganoncrotch said:
RetroGamer94 said:

12 years, my wife is 12 years older then me. I’m 25, she’s 37. We’ve been married 2 days and together for 5 years! I’m very curious to see where this thread goes lol.

What about you Mr OP

Congratz on your marriage!

My wife and me had 6 years difference with her being younger, current partner is a one year diff with her being older. A few others... I'll be honest, I didn't ask their age lol but pretty sure they were all in and around my age.

Thank you! I appreciate that! 

A possible factor for me is that my social development was somewhat delayed, so at the age of 30 I generally have more in common with people in their mid 20s than people my own age. Most of my friends are a few years younger than me also.

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