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Forums - Movies Discussion - How much do you predict The Rise of Skywalker will make?


How much will The Rise of Skywalker gross internationally?

250 Million - 500 Million 1 2.38%
500 Million - 750 Million 4 9.52%
750 Million - 1 Billion 12 28.57%
1 Billion - 1.25 Billion 8 19.05%
1.25 Billion - 1.5 Billion 8 19.05%
1.5 Billion - 2.0 Billion 7 16.67%
2 Billion - 2.25 Billion 0 0%
2.25 Billion - 2.5 Billion 0 0%
2.5 Billion - 3 Billion 0 0%
3 Billion+ 2 4.76%

I think it will make just $600 million.

Sales prediction, PS4: 122 Million, Xbox one: 50 million, Switch: 105 million. 

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Not as much as Disney wants, that's for sure. They are burning the Star Wars fans quite fast, and even casual movie goers are going to get burnt out.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I assume you mean domestic and not global?

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Lenny93 said:

I think it will make just $600 million.

600M global seems about right. If the rumored reshoots were very costly, that may just be break even for Disney.

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I mean global, I think it will fail badly. Many of the hardcore fans such as myself aren't going to see it because of disinterest or boycotting due to the identity politics agenda.

Sales prediction, PS4: 122 Million, Xbox one: 50 million, Switch: 105 million. 

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About $650-700M domestic, with the global total being between $1.4-1.5B. Return of the Jedi did marginally better than Empire, and Ep. 3 did about 14% better than Ep. 2, so I expect something similar with Rise of Skywalker.


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Lenny93 said:

I think it will make just $600 million.

I have a feeling this prediction will age poorly.

I'm predicting about 1.1 billion. This year has been packed with billion dollar movies so that could potentially hurt star wars a bit.

Too much..... not really a fan of the new star wars movies.
Star wars feels like its just being milked, instead of it being a work of art, or a good story.

Hopefully zero. This movie and shit series Disney created didnt deserve what it's made. It all feels disconnected from the last. They are trying to use nostalgia to lure the fans, you know, the ones that actually propped up the universe with their money and insane fandom.... and I dont think it will actually work. These movies could have made SEVERAL billions each... instead, they've cancelled some side movies, and made a 180 on this 3rd pile. No amount of the emperor will fix this. No amount of nostalgia and flash backs will fix this. Disney fucked up and made the shittiest star wars anyone could have imagined. The force awakens was actually, in my opinion, an ok start, but the next one, jesus... what a disjointed piece of shit that was. It was a stand alone movie and complete shit.

600 million domestic only maybe, but it’ll probably be even more there alone. Rise of Skywalker will do more than The Last Jedi. Put me down for 1.6bn.

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