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Forums - General Discussion - Humanity could benefit from a soft reset

super_etecoon said:

Oh you mean like an entire species being aware that their predecessors were all killed in a mass genocide?  Yeah, that's going to create a whole positive, optimistic future for all involved.  Nothing but good ideas would flourish after that...that's for sure.

The sacrifices of previous generations are always seen as heroic and justified, should be the same deal here.

Azelover said:
You sound like a psychopath.

You really have no trouble in killing a whole bunch of people. If this happens, everybody else that remains will be scarred for life and traumatized for generations.

Adolf Hitler didnt want to kill everybody, he just wanted to select certain people, and look what that did to human history. A lot of people thought Eugenics was the future.

OP, this is an awful idea. If you want to improve humanity, you have to drive humans into a place of personal evolution, and spiritual progress. Let me tell you that the system, the global system itself, is rotten. And people in control believe it should be rotten. All it would take is better intentions from the top-down. Less of an effort to keep humanity drowned in water when they would naturally float. You don't have to kill people. At all.. that would only make what we have now incredibly worse..

We're all gonna die anyway, may as well be for a potentially good reason. If that thinking makes me a psycho, eh whatevs. I don't think there will be dramatization or scarring, the idea is that the ones left are too young to have formed any attachments with the previous generation.

I think that's the key difference, Hitler was an idiot who believed some humans were better than other humans. My idea is that we'll all die equally, and then the next generation will be given equal treatment, the idea that any of them are somehow inherently better than another won't even be entertained.

From the perspective of currently living humans it is indeed an awful idea, I didn't doubt people would disagree but thought it'd be fun to share. Anywho, if what you say is truely that easy and simple why hasn't it been done already?

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method114 said:
We've had plenty of time to get better based on what exactly? What metric are you scoring humanity against?

You do realize that things are getting better and better right? This is the safest time to believe in the history of humanity.

Ten thousand years or however long we've been around for is just a long time in general for us to still be resorting to violence to solve disagreements like cavemen.

This is true, but I'm impatient, I want results and I want then now!

Lonely_Dolphin said:
SuaveSocialist said:
This would guarantee a mass extinction event that would end the human race within a single generation.

Humanity's numbers would be greatly reduced sure but not extinct, we had to start from low numbers at one point.

You don’t understand.  It’s not about low numbers.

Without an adult population to maintain the world’s power grid, it takes only a few months for nuclear storage facilities to completely lose their ability to keep fuel rods submerged in refrigerated water.  The water boils over and they burst into flames.  Dozens of such facilities across the globe become nuclear disasters tens of thousands of times worse than Chernobyl, releasing a radioactive fog capable of tainting every water supply on the planet in less than a year.

That’s why I said ‘mass extinction’, and that’s an optimistic outlook considering the inability of children/babies to put out the radioactive fires.

In the future they will send workers back in time to look for the Army of the Lonely_Dolphins and this will be timestamp used for their arrival. They'll be hoping to end this apocalypse before it begins. Obviously it'll turn out to be a random chemist somewhere who actually put the process of genocide in motion, but they will use this thread as evidence of Lonely_Dolphin's guilt and the true perpetrators of this mass extinction event will go unpunished and live like kings in the utopian future they set out to create.

first thing that happens is that when those kids all grow up to be 16 and what no they go to war against each other.

The reality is that human beings are inherently "bad". We just learn to be good.Ever seen a 2yr old break a glass cup and the go onto lie about it, or hide it? No one had to teach the child how to do that.

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Someone really needs to read Lord of the Flies if they think that children are innocent.

The real outcome would be that humanity would have to go through its darkest and most barbaric periods all over again.  

pokoko said:

Someone really needs to read Lord of the Flies if they think that children are innocent.

The real outcome would be that humanity would have to go through its darkest and most barbaric periods all over again.  

Or they could just meet a child.

Just delete supporters of 45 and people who like peanut butter, they've had their fun but it's time to go


“None is righteous, no, not one"

This is my personal belief based on the holy Word of God. Therefore, no matter how many Hitlers we could eliminate from happening, we would still be terrible and doom ourselves.

Lonely_Dolphin said:

So here's an idea that's been on my mind that I'ma just throw out there. In video games, when you die to a boss or what have you, you try again now having the knowledge of your previous attempt which should mean you do better. You know what good moves to make as well as what bad moves not to make. I was thinking if only we could try something similar with real life. Delete all humans that have been tainted by the bad ideas of prior generations all at once, leaving only the innocent young children and babies to grow up and reform humanity with the good ideas we've had. Pretty extreme to kill most of humanity like that, but it's had more than enough time to get better on it's own. It's clear at this point that it's only gonna happen through great force and sacrifice. I genuinely think this idea would be effective, as even if it doesn't work out the first time you can just repeat the process much like you do for bosses. Of course there's no way to make this actually happen for real, and even if there was, most people would be against it, but it's fun to think about.

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