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Did you buy Astral Chain, and if yes, what did you think of it?

Yes, and it's amazing 14 43.75%
Yes, and it's good 7 21.88%
Yes, and it's okay 1 3.13%
Yes, and it's bad 0 0%
I didn't buy it 10 31.25%
Chrkeller said:
Dodging is hard because the camera is a bit weak. At times I find myself not knowing who is even hitting me.

Use sync attacks, dodges by themselves aren't good as they're not intended to be an escape mechanic like they are in action titles it's better to perfect dodge then activate a sync attack as those have much larger iframe windows which will stop other enemies hitting you while you counter the attack you dodged.

On the topic AsCh is one of the most unique arpgs released as well as one of the best, contrary to what some who've yet to play it may think it's not an action title as if you approach the game in an action title manner you'll get destroyed as the are many high level Bayo and DMC players who got ripped apart until they figured out how to approach the game combat requires some thought in what you're doing, for a start the's no jump button. Best way to describe the gameplay is that it's like a much more high octane Bloodborne combined with Nier Automata with elements here and there from other PG titles, the game really begins in Chapter 3. A lot of people also don't realize they can augment combat with the gene codes you pick up as they have abilities they can grant you in combat, the reason battles get better is because like all other rpgs you unlock more options with character growth and equipment and the same rings true here for example you can equip a parry ability on a Legion with some gene codes and upgrading your weapon unlocks new melee moves.

As with PG games the is quite a bit of depth and tech to play around with one particular trick is dubbed US (unsummon) Cancel as you can unsummon the legion at almost any point and it lets you act again allowing you to string moves and combos together that you normally wouldn't be able to.

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Vodacixi said:
Mar1217 said:

I think you'll need more than 2 hours to master a complex battle system. I mean, you said it, it's not Bayonetta, which signifies new patterns to learn !

I don't think is about the pattern... but the window in which the dodge is effective. It seems to be much smaller than in other Platinum games

This is because you unlock abilities for dodge later on that make it very powerful you're doing what we all did and tried playing things like an action title due to PG being the developer which is a bad idea at the start when you don't have any abilities, the base dodge is not meant to be an escape option in this game it's more of a positional and set up mechanic later you unlock a counter ability which through the duration of the counter you're invincible the result is the dodge can't be like how you see it in action games as the player would be impossible to kill if it was spammed the game makes it that the player has to perfect dodge to make use of the mechanic and its abilities to encourage players to get better and not spam.

bought it and loving it I'm on file 4 right now

I finished it on easy (because Platinum's normal usually borders on hard mode already) and am most of the way through on normal (not that hard anymore with more than half of the upgrades unlocked).

Negatives on my first playthrough were the uneven pacing where investigation/exploration took up too much time compared to combat, and the lacking camera; I've activated "follow enemy" of the three options in the menu, not sure if the other two would make it any better than it is now. Dodging and combat in general seem off at first, but a few upgrades later you get an actual flow of dodging and counter-attacking that you don't have access to at first. The button config isn't particularly friendly; I am using type C, but it still takes a lot of learning and getting used to all the options you have in combat.

Positives are improved pacing on a second playthrough because the slower parts are faster to get through, the music in general, and a ranking system (disabled on easy difficulty) that allows for S+ despite getting hit. If it weren't for the latter, the game would suck because the camera during combat as well as the variety of enemy combinations make it (near) impossible to never get hit. There are so many ways to earn bonus points that a lot of fighting styles work for S+ (seems like 10,000 points is always the threshold for the highest rank).

There are also post-game missions, so there's more to do than the replaying the regular game for ranks and achievements. The post-game is probably exclusively made up of combat missions and there are a lot of them. Also good: The game has only three difficulty settings, of which only two have rankings; has always been excessive to have four settings. I have yet to try hard mode, but the scoring system makes me feel optimistic that it's feasible to beat this game 100% eventually.

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Gotta be a 9/10 for me.  This and Fire Emblem are my two top picks for GotY right now, and seeing as how they are two totally different experiences it is hard to pick one over the other.  Loved every second of both!

If I had to nit pick something about AsCh though...the silent protagonist does not fit the game IMO.  I mean both twins had voice actors, just whichever one you chose was silent.  It did not make sense to me, and it felt off from a narrative perspective.

Of course Fire Emblem had a similar deal, but Byleth still felt real.  The interactions you have with your students puts you in the driver seat and it complements the role play.  In AsCh however, both twins felt like a character and there was really no room for roleplay.  In this case, the Silent Protagonist didn't do it for me.  It just felt like wasted potential in that regard.

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Was going to start it today but I saw there was a patch out for it, what does the patch do and can i play without it fine?

I love the game, but the overall pacing of the missions isn’t my cup of tea, I have trouble doing more than one file per game session. But overall, in terms of gameplay, visual and music, the game is a blast.

abronn627 said:
I love the game, but the overall pacing of the missions isn’t my cup of tea, I have trouble doing more than one file per game session. But overall, in terms of gameplay, visuals and music, the game is a blast.

I'm feeling this too. I like it and want to play through a couple of files at once, but by the time each one finishes, it's overstayed its welcome, so I just put it down for a while and do something else. 

I didn't end up getting it myself, the VA and character designs really rub me the wrong way, but I'm glad to see so many others bought it and enjoyed it.

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think-man said:
Was going to start it today but I saw there was a patch out for it, what does the patch do and can i play without it fine?

If you can see that there is a patch, you must have an online connection. If you have an online connection, why don't you download it? A couple of minutes (188 MB) can't be an issue.

Here's what the patch does: Sorting, selling and item usage are improved. A few scripting errors were fixed.

Functional Changes and Additions

  • Added Item Sort function to the menu.
  • Multiple goods can now be sold at once at shops.
  • The “Temporary Field Supply” item icon has been adjusted for visual clarity.
  • “Temporary Field Supply” items are those that can only be used during the “FILE” in play
  • When using items from the shortcut menu, “Temporary field supply” items of the same name will now automatically be prioritized and used instead.
  • Added a “Type” category to the ability codes Sort function.
  • Added a function to delete multiple ability codes at once.

General Changes

  • Adjusted game balance.
  • Fixed an issue where quitting the game during the training mode could cause lock ups.
  • Fixed an issue where specific steps would lead to the order “Ark Tourist” being impossible to complete.
  • Fixed an issue where opening the menu and returning to the title screen at a specific timing before an autosave would cause save data to be corrupted.
  • Additionally fixed several issues to allow for a more comfortable gameplay experience.

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