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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - In 3 gens, why has Microsoft still not created reliable hardware?


How many XBox brand consoles have you had problems with?

Original XBox 1 3.03%
XBox 360 14 42.42%
XBox One 2 6.06%
Two out of the three 2 6.06%
All three 3 9.09%
Owned 1 gen, no issues 0 0%
Owned 2 gens, no issues 3 9.09%
Owned all three gens, no issues 3 9.09%
See results 5 15.15%

I still have my day one original xbox, still have my day one xbox one, day one x box x, and did have a couple failed 360 systems. I have my 2008 or so 360 still hooked up and my kids play gta v on it all the time. The two most unreliable systems I've ever had were both playstations, the ps1 and ps2. The ps2 was by far the most poorly built pile of shit I've ever owned. Made to fail. The ps1 was pretty bad, but atleast you could get away with flipping it over for awhile and get by before total failure. The ps3 failed on me 3 times before i got a good one. Sony never covered their garbage. The ps4 is well built though, and is reliable. Atleast I never paid a penny for my red rings. I did have my day 1 Wii fail to read 2 layer discs and Nintendo replaced it free. Other than that, I've never had problems with my systems over the many, many years I've been gaming.

Edit: just making clear, I'm not calling Sony systems garbage, I am calling system failures that arent covered by a company, garbage. Like Nintendo with joycon drift... cover that shit until you fix the problem at a factory level, or cover it until the system is discontinued. I hate that crap.

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SwitchUP said:
The two most unreliable systems I've ever had were both playstations, the ps1 and ps2.

PS2 was pretty bad, had disc read error issues with 3 of the fat consoles lol. PS1 though, I've had my original bulky square model since 2000 and never had any problems at all. Still works to this day.

Sounds more like you’ve had bad luck than anything else.

Neither the original Xbox, Xbox 360’s later revisions, nor any of the Xbox One’s models have had any widespread reliability problems. The only time Microsoft has produced a bad Xbox was with the original Xbox 360, due to it being rushed out the door.

To give a personal example of my own: I got my original Xbox in May of 2002, so it’s one of the earlier, less reliable models. I used it heavily for about 5 years, and I’ve used it a lot recently, and the damn thing STILL works. Fan’s a bit loud at start-up, but beyond that it’s fine. Neither by launch-day One nor my X have given me issues either, despite heavy daily use.

All consoles have their bad models and design defects. The original Xbox, for instance, has a clock capacitor that can leak and corrode the board over time. I found out about that recently, and need to get it removed from mine before that happens. But by and large, these defects only effect a small number of models, or take many years to occur. Original Xbox 360 aside, that’s how it is with Xbox models overall.

My answer isnt available on the poll. Owned gen 1 no problem, owned gen 2( red ring overheating, NOT RROD) owned gen 3 no problem. Also had a ps3 die in me too, and had the bad controllers on switch.

Nintendo consoles were fine but least played in my household.

Phat PS1 was fine, Phat PS2 was fine, Phat PS3 failed after 6 years and floor, PS4 is fine. All played quite a bit.

OG Xbox was fine, 2 Phat 360s failed after about 1 year of play each. OG Xbox played a lot, 360s barely played.

PCs became not very useful after 10 years, but they still work.

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I've owned all three consoles and X1X. Only issue I've experienced is with original X1. Sometimes you need to press the power button multiple times until is turns on. Other than that it still works. I did buy 360 after RRoD fiasco though.

I must add, Xbox controllers have been reliable for me as well. Never had any drifting issues. Left bumper of one controller broke once.

In my experience sony makes the most shoddy hardware. my og 360 worked up until the hurricanes in 2017. i have the phat black Xbox one and that still works.
now sony on the other hand I had atleast 3 ps1s because of failed disc drives. atleast 4 ps2s. and I had to replace my ps4 because of a bad hdmi port

Well, I mean the 360 was just plain bad but for the rest. I did not have any problem.

At least nothing abnormal or more than any other console and I do not think the Xbox One can be considerate as not reliable; esp. compared to the 2 other big ones (Sony and Nintendo consoles).

For me it look like that:

- One of my Xbox One controller shoulder went dead on my elite controller.
- I had to replace one of my Playstation Four controller (completely stopped working and could not even recharge) and I switched for a non Sony controller (not because of the quality but for the layout, I like the Xbox/Switch layout better).
- And basically all of my Switch joycons... (which was like 8 of them and even today, some of the new ones are already drifting like crazy)

No matter an electronic device's inherent durability/crappinness, experiences will of course vary. Sticking to Xbox, the original is one of the more durable systems I ever had. I beat the shit out of it. Lots of use. It was home to most played game of all time. Project Gotham Racing 2. I lent it out several times. All to households with young children, pets, smokers, ect. I diiiid have to get an new dvd drive installed ( which I did locally ), but considering the wear and tear, it held up very well.

I only had my 360 for 11 months, but it never broke in that time. The controllers were all-time terrible for me though. Part of why I sold it so quickly


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I've owned tons of hardware, and I've only ever had one complete failure that I can recall. That was a PS1. On my OG Xbone, the disk drive stopped working like 90% of the time. My XB1s has started having some odd sounds coming from the fan. My PS4 Pro does all kinds of weird shit and makes a ton of noise. But, it still seems to be usable most of the time. And I recall lots of problems with old Nintendo systems owned by my friends (though I don't recall any ok my own Ninty systems.

In other words, I think the problems are pretty evenly distributed. XB just got a bad rap from the RRoD stuff, and they haven't been able to live it down.