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Forums - Sony Discussion - Just played Final Fantasy VII Remake

weaveworld said:
think-man said:

This is my 4th Gamescom, I've made a habit of going every year since moving to the Netherlands. Only a 2.5 hour drive to Gamescom from my house, the GF and I always have a good time :)

That's a healthy tradition! It's a 2h drive for me but I only went there in '09. I suppose things might have changed a little but good times nonetheless, playing Uncharted 2 as a demo and looking at the first slim ps3's. And having Kölsch und bratwurst of course. 

You can take one of our spare seats next year if you want :P

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think-man said:
Mystro-Sama said:

How does Gamescom work? Were you invited or did you buy a ticket?

You buy a ticket, was super cheap aswell. Like 10 euros :)

I'm jealous. Thats awesome. E3 should be like that.