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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Persona 5 The Royal (For Better or For Worst....)

The Good

  • New Playable Character, Kasumi
  • New Mementos Areas
  • New Confidants Like Kasumi, Maruki(Counselor), and more said to be revealed.
  • New Third semester with original story events for the characters.
  • "ShowTime" is new Combo attacks between two Team members. These are unlocked by deepening Confidants with them.
  • New Social Links in Student Counselor, and Kasumi Team mate. 
  • Certain Equipment that allos the consistent usuage of a particular Spell, regardless of the Persona in use.
  • Baton Pass now has different Levels.
  • Persona have added "Traits" now, which can be inherited via fusion.
  • New Higher tier Persona for Main Cast
  • The Play Assist feature is a function that’ll further implemented everyone’s voices. It basically shows a destination while considering character parameters and Confidants, then lets you travel with the press of a button.
  • 20 New Music Tracks

The Bad

  • Full Price game($60), questioning if the amount of content is actually worth a revisit if you have already played through it several times.
  • No actual release date for US still. Just "2020"
  • For would be Switch fans that were seemingly breadcrumbed and teased a Persona title, Atlus has 0 plans to bring it to any other devices. I don't think it would be so bad If they didn't red herring everyone with Scramble, knowing they thought it was traditional P5.

The Ugly

  • Your Save data doesn't carry over into Royal. Only a small "Boost" for having original game data. So this means bye bye to your completed Compendium.
  • Speaking of Compendium, Those DLC Persona you bought?Now useless and will require a new well as them adding in a bunch more. No word on them adding in new Personas into the base game. This is at least the case with the Japanese release. No word as of yet on constume DLC with accompanied Soundtracks.




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In summary, I will buy this Day 1.

Getting the collectors edition for sure!

Okay, the Ugly is something I did not know... I have to buy Persona DLC's again... The last one was like $80 worth of stuff, now they're asking me to rebuy it again..? Curse you Atlus, they know that I'll never say "no" to them. Still a Day 1 purchase.

I've played the original Persona 5 a couple years ago and I'm looking forward to Persona 5 Royal. Definitely a Day 1 purchase for me.

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Still don’t understand why this can’t be like a $40 expansion pack...

Meh, don't really give a crap about the Ugly since I didn't bother with the Compendium outside of maxing out Justine & Caroline's Confidant.

Day One purchase for me.

All "ultimate" editions should offer a discounted upgrade option. Whether it's Monster Hunter, Pokémon, Street Fighter or Persona. You shouldn't have to pay as much as newcomers.

Even if it's $50 to upgrade compared to $60 to just buy. Fact is you've already paid $60 for the majority of the work. The assets, story, writing, design.

It is just a large dlc.

Persona 5 is one of my favourite games of all time but I will not support this practice of giving zero benefit to owners of the original when you release an expansion that at its core is the same game. Whether it's a $10 dlc or a $50 dlc it's not an entirely new game.

This isn't persona 6.

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gergroy said:
Still don’t understand why this can’t be like a $40 expansion pack...

Obviously more $$$ since they know how popular it is  right now. 

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Good that I decided to wait, I knew something like this would happen