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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Persona 5 The Royal (For Better or For Worst....)

Good that I decided to wait, I knew something like this would happen

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I know what my Persona 5 fix is going to be. Persona 5 Dancing. An entirely new game!

"red herring everyone with Scramble" -- What does this mean?

I don't have a problem with it being a "new game" but I do have a problem with needing to purchase the DLC again. That seems ratty. Then again, I guess the DLC itself has been altered to account for the changes to the base game, so the same actual DLC from before wouldn't work with THIS game. If so, that kind of makes sense.

Bandorr said:

And the switch argument is BS. They didn't red herring anything. It started with an S. That was the beginning, the middle, and the end. That is on Nintendo fans, and them alone.  Oh and I guess that whole "but he is in smash" BS. Ignoring that he is in Persona Q2. Like how Cloud was added WAY before FF7 was on a Nintendo system.

Cloud is a gaming icon from the most famous JRPG series ever. Joker is a forgettable character from a somewhat niche modern JRPG. Cloud deserves a spot in the game just for being who he is. Joker doesn't. And don't come at me with the Persona Q2 thing. That one is even more niche than P5.

All things considered, thinking that P5 was coming to the Switch after the announcement of Joker in Smash was a pretty valid reasoning. Specially when all those Persona related titles started to pop out.

forevercloud3000 said:
  • For would be Switch fans that were seemingly breadcrumbed and teased a Persona title, Atlus has 0 plans to bring it to any other devices. I don't think it would be so bad If they didn't red herring everyone with Scramble, knowing they thought it was traditional P5.

That Atlus would brand one of the games as "Switch", does not make sense for a game that was announced around the same time as Royal.
If the game is identical to Royal, they'd simply call it Royal. Unless there was substantially different content, but the announcement window of the game suggested that's not the case.

I can understand if people didn't consider this, or thought it would be a Switch version of the original game. But to blame Atlus for that as if Switch has a monopoly on the letter 'S' is silly.

As for the cons, that the DLC items can't be used in this game doesn't sound good. But as for the price, they said it's because this version of the game has substantially more new content than a traditional second version of a Persona game. I guess we'll see how. But since I know it's such a good game already, I probably won't mind.

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I'm sure glad I didn't get around to purchasing the now obsolete original. These "turbo" editions have been crap all the way since Capcom did them with Street Fighter. Selling them for $60 is just pure greed. I would never buy the same game again with just a bit more content unless it's a remaster of a 10-year old+ game on a newer console and even then I wouldn't purchase it at full price.

Can’t wait! I see don’t see the problem with the pricing, but to each their own

Seems like only "Good"

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I'm more worried about higher xp drops in the easiest Persona game yet, the worrying tought of an addendum to a complete story (the answer was trash) and the fact Meguro seems to never be able to improve the soundtrack on remakes.