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Likes Spamming and this thread seems to be a spam fest .
(thats my knowledge from the last few hundred pages )

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Is inaccurate and ruining the positive mood of this thread

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

Isn't a spammer.

Sticking together so they can keep spamming .

Is a spammer.
(Doesn't understand the purpose of and the idea behind this thread.)

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Called out the spammer. "hits Zero with a crate of spam*

Spammed a spammer with a crate of spiced ham, but should know he’s been attacked with more in his YouTube video threads

Said I should've hit the spammer with something worse. *hits Zero with 10 metric tons of barbed wire*

Somehow got 10 tons of barbed wire from somewhere.

Knows that I find as many ways as possible to inflict pain on people. *slowly runs a steam roller over a New Nazi after having already set the bitch on fire*