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Has been writing a lot.

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Will be in a new MCU movie very soon.

Hopefully refrains from commenting any more on a movie I already know far more about than I wished to

probably doesn't know I dabble a bit myself in making music

Spoke to a raccoon that hates the MCU.

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Would've been right if he finished his post with "phase 4". And maybe replacing "hates" with "dislikes".

Probably is as burned out on the MCU as I am

Is probably more burned out on the MCU than I am, because like I said here, my love for Guardians can never burn out.

Should also post his music somewhere

Was unhappy with MCU phase 4, as was I in the end. *slowly beheads MCU Zeus with a vibranium chainsaw, fittingly while dressed as Deadpool*

Reminded me that Roy Kent is so everywhere he's even found his way into greek mythology