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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Does Anyone Know How Nintendo Accounts Work With Multiple Switch Units?

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RaptorChrist said:

I remember when I bought a New 3DS model, I had to transfer all of my data off of my old 3DS, and wasn't able to maintain two devices at once. Has this been remedied with the Switch?

I will probably be buying a second Switch for my family this year, and I was hoping this would be a good place to ask how the family account works and if I will be able to download my titles and sign in to both Switch units with the same NNID.

1. Purchase games on secondary accounts, not your primary accounts.

2. Lock your secondary accounts to your primary Switch.

3. Put your secondary purchase accounts on your additional Switch

4. Play your secondary account from your secondary Switch, but play the same games on your primary account from your primary Switch.

Basically, you can play games on ANY account that is on the same switch as your secondary account (the one you purchase things with), but if you put your secondary account on other Switches, you have to use that one to play, and you can only access your secondary account from one Switch at a time.

For example:

Switch 1 has two accounts linked to it: Account 1 and Account 2
Account 2 owns Stardew Valley

Because Account 2 is linked to Switch and owns Stardew Valley, Account 1 on Switch 1 can also play Stardew Valley

If Account 2 is loaded on Switch 2 (but not linked to it) then a player can ALSO play Stardew Valley from Account 2 WHILE Switch 1 plays Stardew Valley from Account 1. This allows multiplayer between 2 players with only 1 purchase, or multiplayer with 4 players between 2 purchases.

But you can't have Stardew Valley playing from Account 2 on more than one Switch.

I hope this helps. Single player games are much easier because you can share Account 2 across multiple Switches, and as long as only 1 person plays it from Account 2 at a time, it will be fine. So if you (like me) have 4 Switches in your household (Your wife and two of your kids), then they can all play Xenoblade Chronicles 2 or Breath of the Wild on your share purchase account (Account 2) as long as only one of them is playing it at a time (and you can always play it from Account 1 on the main Switch/Switch 1).

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I think it works similarly to how sony handles it on ps4. I have my primary account on my sons switch so he can play my digital games on his profile and a secondary account on my switch as Im the only one that uses it anyway

To simplify my post above a bit. There are three rules:
1. Any account linked to a Switch can play any game purchased on any of the linked accounts.
2. If an account is shared to another Switch, the games on it can only be played by that one account.
3. A shared account can only play a game on one Switch at a time - and that Switch must have internet access.

What this means is if you have two Switches with 3 accounts linked to each, and one account shared:
Switch 1 has: Account A, Account B, and Account C linked to it; Switch 2 has Account D, E, and F linked to it.
Switch 2 has Account B shared with it (So Account B, D, E, and F are on it, but B is not linked.
If playing Stardew Valley on Switch 1 Account B, then Switch 2 CANNOT play Stardew Valley on Account B at the same time.
If playing Stardew Valley on Switch 1 with Account A or C (not B), then Switch 2 CAN play Stardew Valley from Account B at the same time

Again, hope this makes my above post clearer (or maybe it is even more clear if you just ignore my mess on my other post above! :P)

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