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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Metacritic and Opencritic scores for Super Mario Maker 2

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Current Metacritic score 89 based on 70 critics


Current Opencritic score 89 based on 74 critics


Last edited by XD84 - on 06 July 2019

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Will probably end at 88 just like the original.

It is now at 90 based on 19 critics.

Glad to see it reviewing well, but it is not my type of game.

This should hold me over till they fix bloodstained on switch.

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It is now at 89 based on 31 critics.

Lryu222 said:
Will probably end at 88 just like the original.

+2-5 to score for being on Switch instead of lonely Wii U (and having more content than original). 

It is now at 90 based on 37 critics.

89 based on 43!

Hey OP, could you add Opencritic to it? Metacritic unfairly weights the scores of certain outlets. Opencritic includes sites like vgchartz, and certain youtubers. They aren't included in the official score, but they do get included in the percentage of critics that recommend the game.

Edit: Well shit, something is wrong with Opencritic right now. They aren't displaying the scores. 

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