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Forums - General Discussion - How Would You Rate E3 2019 Out of 10?


How Would You Rate E3 2019 Out of 10?

10 47 4.05%
9 67 5.77%
8 160 13.78%
7 230 19.81%
6 233 20.07%
5 151 13.01%
4 101 8.70%
3 78 6.72%
2 34 2.93%
1 60 5.17%

Hm, Nintendo and Square saved this E3 from being an absolute disaster. So I'll go with an 8/10, Nintendo really impressed me and Square was great. Xbox was ok at best, Ubisoft and Bethesda were awful.

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5. Which is pretty good for me since I only care about Devolver Digital and Kevin Butler.

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Most of E3 was a let down. The highlights for me were Cyberpunk 2077, Xbox Game Pass on PC, and the announcement of a sequel to BotW. Otherwise it felt like nobody was really trying. Bethesda had nothing interesting to say, nor did Ubisoft, and especially not EA.

I know a lot of people have been praising Nintendo's presentation but I don't see why. Animal Crossing was delayed, Pokemon nuked itself, and aside from BotW2, they did not announce a single new game in development. We got some underwhelming third party reveals and some well deserved ports, but I was hoping for more announcements, not just stuff we already had.

Overall, 5/10. I'll pick up GamePass for PC when I feel the time is right, and now just play the waiting game for a bunch of games I already knew of last week

Gave it a 10.

Microsoft announced some stuff (even if it is on the ps4) I'm interested in.
Ubisoft announced a couple I may like
SE announced a ton of stuff I'll like.
Nintendo had goouigi.

Sure there was no Alan wake 2/Rayman/Bayonetta 3.That's fine.

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I rate it a FF7R out of FF7R.

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I'd give it a solid 7 because MS, Nintendo, and Ubisoft had good showings.

I would give it a 6, if I'm just judging based on everything I have seen. Square's conference was ok, I actually liked the "frame" gimmick and they showed a lot of games I was interested in, but a lot of them looked a little rough in one way or another. I'm not entirely sold on the titles they did show.

Microsoft was way worse than last year. Like, way worse. Which is sort of weird, I get that they might want to have a "buffer" year in-between now and next gen, but considering Sony wasn't there they should have had a lot more exciting things to show. Even the third party selection was significantly worse, the only ones that looked cool were Elden Ring and Tales of Arise, but the former didn't show any gameplay and the latter barely showed anything.

Nintendo saved it. They had the best E3 conference I've ever seen. Though, I guess they could have announced one more new title. Because really, while there were A LOT of cool game reveals, most of them were smaller third party ones. BOTW2 was the only big one from Nintendo, maybe Mario and Sonic too but I don't think that I'm the audience for that game. Maybe having just one more reveal would have been nice but still ... 10/10 conference.

It had two games that have the potencial to be my favourite games ever, ffseven remake and cyberpunk 2077. Bronze prize for Ubisoft watch dogs 3. Nintendo was Nintendo showing typical Nintendo frachises that Nintendo fans want só nothing There makes me finally buy a switch. congrats on Pokémon showing, it was great .
Zelda AAA and halo teaser , meh, flagship franshises was meh showing. Teasers dont do it for me anymore, ONLY teaser that was cool was from software and teaser was with information about the game , good information that makes me excited.
Microsoft had the best indies.
Bethesda was simply fucking Trash, waste of space , shove your medicre shit full of microtransactions and stuff that fucks consumers and your shit mobile games right up your fucking ass. Worst fucking company fulll of bullshit and fake fans screaming at the worst fucking conferência ever.
If There is games i want to play i consider it Nice. No PlayStation hurted it a lot, só i give it a Seven just because cyberpunk and ff7


Nintendo and Square-Enix are my two favorite companies overall, so 8/10. Everyone else mostly sucked, although Microsoft definitely held my interest during their show.

4/10 overall. There were a few good new games announced, but not alot. It was quite obvious that 2019 is the final full year of this generation, as you could tell most publishers were holding back big announces for next-gen. Sony skipped to save their next-gen games for next E3, MS clearly held back their biggest announces. Ubisoft held back Splinter Cell, which is the worst kept secret ever, as well as new footage of Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Skull & Nones (likely because they've both been pushed to Holiday 2020 to become cross-gen games). Deep Silver held back Dead Island 2 and the new Saints Row (which have each been in development for over 3 years now). Take-Two/2K held back Bully 2, which is another poorly kept secret, as well as the next Bioshock (which has been in development for several years already). Warner Bros held back their AAA Harry Potter game and whatever Rocksteady has been building for a few years now. So yeah, it was quite obvious that everybody was holding back games for next-gen. 

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