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Forums - Gaming Discussion - FFVIII PS1 VS PS4 - Character models UPDATED!!

FFVIII PS1 VS PS4 FFVIII Remastered character models

Been waiting for this for so long, hoping they also update the pre rendered backgrounds, who else is getting this day one?

Video comparison in the link below 


Added more character models into the video, cerebus and GF Ifrit

Ps1 vs PC (some with mods) vs Ps4

Please feel free to subscribe guys and help me out thank you. 

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It's actually a PC port of FF 8. I remember back then the PC is superior compared to PS version.

I heard "this is just uprezzed", and for anyone who thinks that:

Would love it if the backgrounds got the same treatment

Big change! I love this!

I hope they add in the cool cheats with this game hehe

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If this sells well hopefully we can get a sequel or Remake!!! DAY ONE!

I think I'm gonna bite it. i liked this game when i played it a few years ago

God bless You.

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Will buy this to have the 3 games on my PS4.

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Never actually finished ff8, I had an 80+ hour games save on the ps1 and my sister saved over the file, not played it since, 100% day 1

Vastly improved. Can't wait to play the card game. :)

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