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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Official Xbox E3 2019 Thread


Rate the 2019 Xbox E3 Conference

10 2 3.23%
9 3 4.84%
8 8 12.90%
7 11 17.74%
6 18 29.03%
5 9 14.52%
4 6 9.68%
3 2 3.23%
2 2 3.23%
1 1 1.61%

What ever the case may be, you can expect to reach this level of quality with both next gen machines (this is next gen ready tech and will not require uber PCs like some of us have here). Nope, not simply some fancy tech demo, either. It is game ready, and if you've been paying attention to the 8th generation, this is simply a natural progression. You know where to find me if by the end of the next cycle, you don't see even one game reach the level of animated/visual quality in realtime. That's how much faith I have in it, because I have a pretty good idea of what's coming... ;)


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This one's weird for me. I loved it at the time; a day later, I felt disappointed; now that I've double checked what was in it, I feel it was a solid presentation.

• Great trailers for Ori, Tales of Arise (news to me), Legend of Wright, Elden Ring (screw leaks).
• Bleeding Edge is multiplayer only. MS needs more single-player games, dangit!

• "4 times the power" of Xbox One X for Scarlett sounds great.

• Keanu was adorable.

• Good showing for Battletoads. It needs more animation frames, though.
• Gears 5 had tacky musical choices for its least they spared no expense on the underground demo "hive". And the Terminator wielding a chainsaw bayonet was hilarious.
• The Lego Forza crossover was fantastic.
• The Halo trailer got to me, but I'm a bit worried the game is just nostalgia bait. I was hoping for gameplay, but they're saving it for next E3.

8/10 for me. Last year's was better.

Note: I can't figure out how to fix the line spacing :P