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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Official Xbox E3 2019 Thread


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Seems MS accidentally leaked Dead Island 2 with a digital store listing. Rumored to be re-announced at MS E3 conference. Very likely the THQ E3 announce they teased by saying it's a "re-imagining" of a beloved IP, as Sumo digital will have re-imagined the game since they've been working on it, probably won't be anything like the original Yager developed version of the game that got cancelled. 

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I'm curious (and a bit excited) to see if Microsoft will show their next-gen Xbox at E3.

Tagging in.

I am mainly just hoping for a release date for Ori and the Will of the Wisp. I want a full on Fable trailer but I can accept a teaser. I would also like to see a Banjo Kazooie game.

Still time to do bingo cards, 19 hours until the conference.

I want a new good xbox i miss forza

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Super hyped to see Halo.

On one hand, with Sony not presenting this is the perfect time to go all out with a new console. On the other hand, they're putting themselves in prime position to get one-upped later. I'm sure we all remember 2013.

for real ? I don't know what to believe in anymore,  I should stay away from twitter until E3...


as always I tried to ignore whatever might be rumored/leaked/confirmed and instead put what I would have put regardless with some unrealistic shit thrown in ;)

Apparently an easter egg for RGB (255, 36, 0), which is the colour “Scarlett” in promo pics Xbox sent out.

I see this in a Twitter of Klobrille, but i dont know how to post twits.

Sorry for my bad english.