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Forums - General Discussion - Most Anticipated New Release of June


Most Anticipated New Release of June

198X 7 0.58%
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night 159 13.24%
Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled 209 17.40%
F1 2019 23 1.92%
Judgment 73 6.08%
Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth 62 5.16%
Samurai Shodown 39 3.25%
Super Mario Maker 2 438 36.47%
The Sinking City 45 3.75%
Nothing This Month 146 12.16%

This week's front page poll.

As always, there are lot more than 10 options (the max allowed in polls) for the month, so I have only featured actual new releases (no ports, remasters, re-releases, etc.) and even then still had to skip over some titles. Apologies if something you wanted to vote for isn't on the list.

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Super Mario Maker! My most anticipated game in a very long time.

I am excited for both Crash and Mario Maker 2, but MM2 kind of edges Crash out

Bloodstained for me, and it’s not even a contest.

I can’t seem to get hyped for Mario Maker 2.

Damn, Bloodstained is happening already? Thought it was next month. Well, in that case, LET'S GOOOOO

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I think my most anticipated games are Persona Q2, Bloodstained and Judgement


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Super Mario Maker 2! Bloodstained could quickly climb on my radar as well.

Looking forward to Bloodstained.
Im curious about SInking City and Crash Team Racing.
Everything else is just meh. Life is life, nananana.

Crash Team Racing for me by a long shot.

I’m also looking forward to Persona Q2 and Super Mario Maker 2.

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Definitely Mario Maker 2, although Bloodstained is another title I need to pick up sometime.