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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Star Ocean First Departure R Announced For Switch/PS4

Xxain said:

If they wanted to remake a Star Ocean, if should have been 2. The first Star Ocean is relatively boring and the fusion fantasy and Sci -fi is nowhere near as strong as Star Ocean 2. Star Ocean 2 is like Streets of Rage 2 where they're so much better than the first that I would recommend starting the series there.

Uh, they did. Both SO1 and SO2 were remade from the ground up on PSP. If they're releasing a port of the first one for Switch, then I see no reason they won't for the second one, barring horrible sales.

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I have played the original (on an emulator) but never finished it so I might give this version a shot.

That’s sick, I’d pick this up, I have this reproduction on the SNES. It was awesome. I’d defiantly play and finish it. Hopefully they do 2 as well

Oneeee-Chan!!! said:
I wonder if vgc will write this news article.

I was right.

VGC writers prioritized  sony's censorsip(heard many times) over latest news.

My prediction in 2021.

SW: 30m

PS5 16m

XBS: 7.5m

A remake of a remake aww yeah!

Please Watch/Share this video so it gets shown in Hollywood.

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That's actually really nice since it's the only one of the older Star Ocean games I don't own, and I really don't have any interest in tracking down the PSP version anymore. Once it's on a home console I might actually finish it at some point.

I've actually not played the first two Star Ocean games, so having the first game remade, then remade again on PS4/Switch is pretty cool and I'll definitely be buying it... day one if it has a retail release too.