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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Hideki Kamiya says that Bayonetta 3 news is to come next week

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In response to a question, "I don't want to bother you, but when do you think you are going do have a gameplay showcase ready for Bayonetta 3? I really want to see all the changes." (obviously from a foreign fan, from the google translate-esque Japanese). Kamiya said "Next week, on the game's website"

No word on how big said information will be, but we're going to know more within the week about Bayonetta 3 and if it'll actually be coming this year or not (though it should be noted that he's known for trolling so whether this is true or not remains to be seen..)

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He's trolling.
This is an old in-joke of Kamiya's, he's been doing it for years, when asked when the next game will be shown he always says "next week in Famitsu" or "next week in a Direct", don't fall for it. 

He said this about Bayonetta 2 dozens of times only for the promised reveal not to eventuate.

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I kinda doubt the first gameplay footage will be revealed through their website.

Will this be like those announcement for an announcement date.

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That's his troll response to people who keep asking about projects he's working on.

Ugh, I planned to announce my pregnancy last week .... so much hate .... guess i'll have to delay that by a week ... Bayonetta comes before all!

''The team is hard at work on this title, so please give us a little bit more time. We look forward to sharing more information on this anticipated title very soon'' -bows-

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Yeah, right...

OH trollish god Kamiya strikes again :)

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